How to Download BBM For Windows Phone

How to download BBM for Windows phone is very simple, despite the fact that the BBM for windows phone is still the beta version which is only made available for Windows phone users who agree to register as a beta tester alone. Early this week,one of the trending post on the internet is that BBM for windows phone is now available for windows user.
According to the news on

In this first release of BBM for Windows Phone, we’re focused on introducing Windows Phone users to the power of sharing experiences in the moment through the immediacy and privacy offered by BBM. Users can engage in BBM Chats with one or many contacts, with the ability to share pictures, voice notes, contacts and location.

…..We’ll be working to quickly add more features to BBM for Windows Phone such as stickers, BBM Voice, BBM Channels and location sharing powered by Glympse in the months ahead.

It’s a blatant fact that BBM for windows phone will still lack some features for now according to Blackberry but half of a bread is better now and for now, user can still be flexing with new beta tester version. BBM seem to be available in most Smartphone like BBM for nokia Lumia 520, BBM for Nokia Lumia, BBM For HTC  etc.

How to Download BBM For Windows Phone

Follow the steps below to download BBM for windows phone better for the mean time
Step1: Visit and register as a new user or login with your login details if you have used it before on other Smartphone before the Windows phone beta tester version .

Step2: Either as a new user or existing user, you will see the page below in order to register as a beta version member; as a new member, click on “New User” and register, if however you were an existing member, then login.

Step3: After successful registration, login and click on “Program button” at the top of the page and click on “BBM for Windows phone” and you are done with registration, after you have been taken to the page below.

I believe as a windows phone user, you will be happy to have BBM for windows phone live soonest and start pinging as chatting may have it.

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    You should point out that while the beta registration is active (now full and taking waiting list applicants) that the actual download has not gone live.


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