How to create PDF file on PC

Talking about pdf file format is no longer a new thing but how can someone convert document to a pdf format without scanning it using scanning machine? Gone are those days where you have to scan any document before it can be converted to pdf format for online processing. Following this post to the very end with show  you how to convert document on MS word to pdf file format either for online processing or for future use but before that, what the heck do I think pdf file format is all about.

Pdf file is a great way of sharing idea either personal or public online that does not give room for any alteration. There are different ways of sharing files or document whether online or offline in different format but pdf happens to be the most secured and personalized way of sending document via electronic media that doesn’t give room for any alteration (This will protect your file from any further alteration from third party without your prior permission). However, if you want to how to create pdf file on your PC, follow the steps below.

Step 1: Download and install pdf creator software on your PC. Although, there are numerous number of free pdf creation software but I will personally recommend PDF CREATOR.

Step 2: You may not need this software if you already have software like Adobe Reader that enables you to read pdf files but if you don’t proceed to the next step.

Step 3: Launch your MS words document or create a new document that you intend converting to pdf file.

Step 4: Move your mouse to the top left pane of your MS word and click on file and then click on print.

4 How to create PDF file on PC

Step 5: On the print section, select the name of your pdf creation software (pdf creator).

5 How to create PDF file on PC

Step 6: Click on print and wait for some seconds (this won’t print you document directly as if you are using printing machine) rather it will try to convert it to pdf.

Step 7: Select file location (must be easily accessible), name (must be easily remembered) and hit the save button.

6 How to create PDF file on PC

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  1. Mar 07. 2014

    Creating pdf’s of course has the potential of bringing in much traffic when of course those pdfs are shared on various pdf sites!
    Emmanuel recently posted…My Profile

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  2. Mar 08. 2014

    I was searching this since long. I knew how to do it online but my internet speed is too slow.
    Thanks for suchan awesome post
    I just tried this
    Raviraj@mothersday recently posted…My Profile

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