Windows task manager on Google chrome

Virtually all PC users know what "task manager" is all about on PC and most often we are familiar with this features on Windows OS on how it works.Task manager is one of the great features of Microsoft Windows OS which allow PC user to view all apps that are currently running on there PC, … [Read more...]

Best way to fix Windows 8 RAM memory manually

Sometimes back i read on a blog some reasons why Windows 8 might fails but i was never satisfied with the point given in that blog because I thought it was a gain-saying, but not until Windows 8 starts displaying error message related to it memory. … [Read more...]

How to copy files and folders on Windows 8

The new Windows 8 in coupled with many feature far ahead of the previous version of the windows, but recovering or restoring backup files and folders in this Windows might be some how difficult, the windows in-built … [Read more...]