Compare Tecno S7 and Tecno S9 Together

By | April 25, 2014

Tecno being the best mobile product that brings the best to Android user is indeed a worth using mobile phone for all mobile users with cheap price all over the world. The recent Tecno mobile brand, Tecno S7 and Tecno S9 are bit similar but there exist a bit different between the two mobile, however we are going to compare both Tecno S9 and Tecno S9 in this post.


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                           Compares Tecno S7 and Tecno S9

Operating System: Both Tecno S7 and Tecno S9 run on Google jelly bean OS (4.2).

Basic Parameter: Tecno S7 and Tecno S9 supported 2G and 3G network.

Memory: Tecno S9 internal memory is twice that of Tecno S7. Tecno S9 has internal memory of 8BG and supported up to 32GB external memory while Tecno S7 has internal memory of 4GB and supported up to 32GB external memory.

Camera: One great love for mobile often falls on the camera pixel. Both device has primary and secondary camera, where Tecno S9 has primary camera of 2.0MP with secondary camera of 0.3MP while Tecno S7 primary camera of 5.0MP with secondary camera of about 1.3MP

Preinstall apps: Some of preinstalled apps you will enjoy on Tecno S9 include YouTube, Calendar, Google Talk, Whatsapp, and some of the preinstalled apps on Tecno S7 include , Whatsapp, Palmchat among others.

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  1. CRIBZ

    The fons are quite good and have better batteries compared to Samsung fons keep it up techo


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