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How to Monitor Site Downtime For Free

Site downtime is very crucial to keep both old and new visitor abreast. When you have excessive site downtime, there are lot of disadvantages attached to it and there is nothing special you can do with it. The only way to have it done is to monitor your site, get an alert when something strange … [Read more...]

What is a Niche Blog

A niche blogger is a one way blogger that concentrate mainly on a specific topic or specific keyword that can be easily ranked for in search engine. Niche blog is seen as the best when compared to a multi-niche blog where you will have to concentrate on a broad topic where there are likely to be a … [Read more...]

3 Simple Ways to Take Screen shot of an Entire Web Page

Take screen shot

In one of my previous post, I have shared 3 Popular Tools to Take Screen Shot on Windows and Mac, and all these tools are really great and worth having to take the screen shot on our Windows and Mac. However, when it comes to taking the screen shot of an entire web page; it's not a child play at … [Read more...]

3 Popular Tools to Take Screen Shot on Windows and Mac

Take screen shot

As a blogger I see that one of the most important thing that we normally do is inserting images into our blog post since we all believe in the saying that “pictures speak a thousand words” at a time and with pictures that best describe the motive of the post, there is often a least job to perform as … [Read more...]

What an awful Black Friday

Black Friday is not new to us, most especially those of us that blogs and shop online. It’s exactly nine days today after the real black Friday where many online stores sells at a very cheap rate with reasonable discount or coupon code to make buyers feel at ease with the marketing price at that … [Read more...]

Literary meaning of a blog

Literary meaning of a blog

The word “blog” possesses a diverse meaning from individual webmasters perspective, but by the way, what is the literary meaning of a blog? Many webmasters sees blog as an online journal with various platforms like blogger, wordpress, etc. or a kind of website with contents which are displayed in a … [Read more...]

Setting up a blog or sustaining it, which one is more difficult?

Setting up a blog or sustaining it, which one is more difficult

The easiest online journal everybody moves into this day is blogging, both the professional webmasters and newbies make use of blog to advertise their product and make more sales. Many bloggers believed blogging for money is a trash and really it’s because money is the root of all evil but blogging … [Read more...]

Win-win strategy in blog-o-sphere

Win-win strategy in  blog-o-sphere

Win-win strategy is what many bloggers do make use of in blog-o-sphere. And I believe after this post / article you will accept with me that most bloggers plays win-win strategy in blog-o-sphere. … [Read more...]