Benefits of Apple Carpaly

Carplay Benefits of Apple CarpalyApple Phone Company has announced their new device that enables users to connect their iOS Apple device with their cars. The device which Apple Company called carplay is a rebrand of Apple iOS in the car which will be officially launched at the Geneva Motor show from 6th to 16th march 2014. Carplay siri voice control is specially design for the purpose of driving which work with the car built-in control. One good thing about carplay comes in while driving, both the eyes and hands stayed where they are supposed to be without violating driving or traffic rules with the use of carplay siri.

Some of the benefits that you can derive from carplay are: Although there are countless number of benefits one can derive from the new Apple carplay, and as a matter of fact, all the functions are worth owing but the little I found crucial are listed below.

Direction: The simplicity of Apple carplay bring to your Apple, maps which come directly to your dashboard, complete with turn by turn directions, traffic condition in your direction and as well predict where you are likely heading toward.

Calling: With Apple carplay, user will be able to make calls, listen to both voice and voicemail messages and return missed calls at the same time. Siri helps to read message aloud, send message and reply text messages on users behalf while driving.

Music play: Carplay allow Apple users to access artist, create playlist, song and iTunes Radio with your car in built control or by just instructing the carplay siri to do the job for you. Apple carplay is made available on Hyundai, Jaguar, Ferrari and Mercedes Benz.

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  1. Mar 07. 2014

    This technology could be exciting seeing all the benefits that are derived. However, I am worried that this may cause some sort of distractions to the less focused driver.

    The benefits listed here are about the Apple Carplay are just a reflection of what a smartphone can do.

    Apple Carplay could be much more helpful if it gives users or drivers better control!

    I left this comment in where this post shared, bookmarked, and syndicated for Internet marketers.

    Sunday – contributor

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    • Adesanmi Adedotun

      Mar 08. 2014

      Hi Sunday,

      I got disturbed as well when I came across carplay but I came to realized that Apple team must have thought of this as well and they should be a security measure on it

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