Brazil 2014 world cup ball line technology

Brazil has just broken the world record with Ball line technology, Brazil just introduced ball line technology in the ongoing FIFA 2014 world cup to be used at the 32 nations football jamboree.

The newly introduced ball line technology has fourteen Cameras, seven focused on each goal pool mouth and this great tool will be used in all the 12 stadiums that are to be used in Brazil 2014 FIFA world cup.

Ball line technology is not just for fun or fancy; the Cameras were made to measure each ball crossing the goal pool and as soon as the ball go beyond the pool line, the referee’s special made watch will vibrate and give a flash of “GOAL”.

Although this control tool has being in existence for years which has been used for years in some sport such Tennis, Rugby, Cricket and America style football.

From the desk of the Brazil 2014 FIFA world cup, they discovered that the tool is 100% exact and accurate. Ball line technology will prove so many verdicts right and wrong and will not prone to many argument in the ongoing Brazil 2014 FIFA world and there will be no room for argument as far as the Ball line technology tool is concern.

The reason for the introduction of ball line technology must have been from what happened in 2010 FIFAA world cup where Frank Lampard goal was officially denied when his direct shot hits the bar but the officiators failed to acknowledged that the ball has bounced behind the line before the goal keeper finally spot the ball and safe it.

Due to this, there are lot of distressed where the ball should have ended 2-2 draw but finally end up 4-1 in favour of Germany.

With this newly developed Technology, we can be rest assured that there is nothing of such that will happen. The ball line technology has been tested and re-tested by experts and they all came out with a verdict that it really worth it and they all believe in it.

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My  Verdict: There is nothing that is not possible when it comes to technology and its world, let all hope for the best and what the ball line technology will offer at the ongoing Brazil 2014 FIFA world.

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