Top tips to hit free traffic

The best thing in life is not often free, and this is applicable in getting quality traffic to our blog. The best and most quality traffic bloggers needs are the traffic that increases our earning online and this can be seen as target traffic or visitors. The fact is not far fetch that getting free … [Read more...]

How to promote your blog post while you are busy

After writing your blog killer /quality article/post, you will expect your readers to read through after you have published the post and welcome their contributions in the comment section which all bloggers believed to be one of blogging success (High numbers of comment). … [Read more...]

5 Killer reasons why I moved from blogger to wordpress platform

If you are a loyal reader on this blog, you will notice that this blog was started on blogger platform on the 12/06/2013 (Just two month and 2 days) not because it is free but just because it is very easy to start with for a beginner. … [Read more...]

My blog traffic and SEO strategy

The most effective and worthwhile method of communication is by writing and publishing either in online journal (blog) or offline like newspaper, magazine and some other means of disseminating information. Blogging can be view as such; as just decide on a niche that one can handle properly and make … [Read more...]

Make yourself an idol instead of an idle

Being successful as a professional in Search engine optimization is not really an easy task, it is very wise and important that you constantly carry out a research on how blog SEO works. Before making any attempt to test any discovered SEO techniques, research must be carried out on it to see … [Read more...]

Don’t die for it; it’s just 4 letter words

Don't die for it; it is just 4 letter wordsNot long ago, I was reading through a blog as usual and as a loyal blogger that learn from the best, follow a loyal blogger and who have the dream of becoming a successful blogger in blogging community. I read the blog that talk about how blog can … [Read more...]

Gaining potential visibility in blog-o-sphere

Have you ever observed that some blogger received more visitors and page-view than you do even though when you know you are better than them in blogging?  And you may doubt that why should a fellow bloggers who is not as good as you do having a very high … [Read more...]

Ultimate ways to start a money making blog

Anybody can just dash out to the internet to set up a blog either with free domain name or custom domain name and start writing content but limited number of people that blogs make reasonable cent out of it. If you really want to make money blogging then, I guess you need to proceed further. … [Read more...]

All about getting traffic to your blog

If you have been into blogging for a while now, it is likely you understand and remember the then old blog or internet marketing trafficsource and exchange such as exchanging blog banner. But the rate in which things are changing on the internet is like speed at which the light travels. If you have … [Read more...]

Blog and blog content vs blog traffic

Blogging is really a fun but not for a start if the truth must be revealed, but let say from observation and experience.  The first six month of many blog, traffic is the greatest barrier, a blog with quality content and catchy title may not reach more than 800 - 1000 visitors per day with serious … [Read more...]