5 Killer reasons why I moved from blogger to wordpress platform

If you are a loyal reader on this blog, you will notice that this blog was started on blogger platform on the 12/06/2013 (Just two month and 2 days) not because it is free but just because it is very easy to start with for a beginner. … [Read more...]

5 quickest tips to getting targeted visitors.

I am not going to put your intelligence into a test here neither would I hurl abusive words on you but all what I know and observed is that most bloggers went through different route to make their blog successful base on their experience, intelligent and what they have learnt so far … [Read more...]

6 traffic source for new blog

Years before I started my first blog, I have been hearing about blog SEO as the primary focus of every successful bloggers, if really a quality and reasonable traffic is a must before time, but to my surprise one can even generate huge traffic without understanding the way of blog SEO this day. … [Read more...]

How to add like, share, tweet, and e-mail this to blog

Do you want to promote your blog? Do you need to know what people really feel about your blog article? Or are you so skeptical about the outcome of every of your blog article and need to know how the article contributes immensely to what your readers are looking for? … [Read more...]

How to increase blog traffic without SEO

In one of my guest post, I discussed about how to integrateSEO with social network to generate huge traffic outside the knowledge and understanding of SEO, and now we are comparing the two best of generate huge traffic, which is SEO and social network. Despite the fact that, both blogger newbie and … [Read more...]

How to add related post widget with thumbnail to wordpress and blogger platform

Related post plays very important role in blog traffic, reducing blog bounce rate and at the same time opening the eyes of  blog readers to some other article related to the current one they are reading. … [Read more...]

How to change blog post font size without CSS

Without much words, I will show you how I change my blog post font from default to my desire font-size. Before I show you this let me quickly tell you my experience about my blog post font-size. Ethically and health-wise, it is not advisable to use small blog post font and this really give me a … [Read more...]

How to export Google reader data

In my previous post I discuss about Best Android and Tablet feed reader after the death of Google reader  and now am bring new idea on how to regain all the subscribers of your Google feed reader, but before that, if I any ask; are you still hanging out with Google reader ? Or you won't change your … [Read more...]

How to change blog authors’ name

Many times some bloggers don't know what to write about and scrapping content from others is not in their style, so they often find it difficult to publish often on their blog for the sake of no quality content at hand or trying to harness their quality content together before publishing for the … [Read more...]

How to add contact form to blogger | blog

Contact form is one of the best way to strengthen the relationship between a blog reader and the author whether on personal helps,  questions, request, corrects, suggestions and all the like. All  blogger need  to create concrete relationship between … [Read more...]