Are Your Blog Titles Costing Your Readers?

 Are Your Blog Titles Costing Your Readers?

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You want to draw readers in as soon as they visit your blog. That means you need to do two things. First, you need to sift through different WordPress themes and find one that pops. Then, you need to write great titles for your posts. Let’s go over some tips for writing great titles.

Promise Inside Information:

Titles that promise inside information convert really well. For instance, you could write “Secrets for House breaking Your Dog.” This is one of the fastest ways to attract readers.

Basically, your readers want to get something that most people don’t have. If you can give them that information, they will stick around to see if it works. Thus, keep that in mind when writing titles.

Ask Readers a Question:

You can also ask a question in your blog title. This causes people to feel as if they have to know the answer. This is a tactic that’s used in email marketing quite a bit, and it can help you get more readers for your blog.

For example, let’s say you titled a post “Are you Making This Internet Marketing Mistake?” That will boost people’s curiosity/anxiousness. They will want to know if they are making that mistake, so they will read on to find out.

Use Numbers

People also like headlines with numbers. That’s because these headlines mean that readers can expect a list. Lists are scalable and easy to understand, so they perform really well.

This is a really easy headline tip, so use it when you can. For instance, 6 simple trick to become a successful blogger, 3 hidden tricks successful blogger will never tell you, 5 reasons why you are successful failure blogger. etc.

Send out a Warning

If you create a blog title that has some sort of a warning, people will want to read on to find out how they can avoid the problem attaching to this warning. For instance, “Avoid this blogging Mistake at All Costs” is a good title, since it makes people worry that they may make a serious mistake.

You will use this technique to play on people’s fears. They want to be perfect, and they don’t want to make mistakes. Keep that in mind when constructing your titles.


Use these tips when you write your blog titles. Just remember, your content has to match the promise you give in the title. Thus, if you ask a question, you need to answer it in the post’s body, just like you need to tell people how to avoid a problem if you include a warning in your title. If you create great tiles that match your content, your readers will come back over and over again.


  1. Hi Adesanmi,
    I like first heading that promise inside information because in this way you can achieve the confidence of the reader and you can persuade him to come back again to see the next update. Thanks for sharing the all other tips too.
    Muhammadsaleem recently posted…My Profile

  2. Hey! that right. i do agree with you. Using a question like blog title would give more clicks. I love your blog title ” 3 secret successful bloggers will never tell you! ” that really good.
    Tharun recently posted…My Profile

  3. The most important thing is the match between title and substance of the content. If we try to trick people to click on title yet the substance is unrelated we will destroy our own authority in no time since authority is one of many important ingredients for success in blogging.

    Great post my friend
    Okto recently posted…My Profile

  4. Hi, Anny and Adesanmi,
    The topic is quite interesting indeed. :)
    Title is a first impression what makes our readers to go ahead. Making promise and using number in the title is a trend and these to work very well to catch the mind of the readers. I am also agree with other two reasons what you have given because it is nothing but a way to engage a reader in our post.

    Thank you very much for a nice topic.
    Have great week ahead. :)
    Kumar Chandan recently posted…My Profile

  5. Hi Anny,

    Your tips are really great! I particularly appreciate using numbers and promising insider information…these two have always worked like magic for me! Thanks for sharing these awesome tips!

    Akaahan Terungwa recently posted…My Profile

  6. A good and catchy titles are what attracts the audience, even in offline. Therefore, every blogger must learn the act of creating a catchy titles or headlines.

  7. Hey Anny, and welcome to Dotun’s blog – it surely is nice to see you here. :)

    I love all your points, especially those of “promise inside information”. A lot of bloggers do that mistake and truth is if I visit such blog and didn’t get what the title promised you can bet I will never visit that site again.

    Great guest post Anny! Very detailed. :)

    Thanks for sharing – you both should have a great day. :)


  8. iI the address corresponds to the content, you gain the trust of visitors. This is very important.
    Tom recently posted…My Profile

    • Hi Anny,
      Readers mostly click on post because of catchy titles and with respect to how to write catchy titles, this is one post which has said it all.

  9. nice and great tips for attracting people. I really like the warning tricks as it increase the curosity.
    KULDEEP recently posted…My Profile

  10. Hi Anny,

    Welcome to Adesanmi’s blog and great topic. I agree, we really need to draw them in with catchy titles because you only have just a few seconds to grab their attention.

    I like the curiosity angle much more although I don’t always have the best titles myself. I do a lot of “how to’s” and I also love lists. I usually just go for it when I should be paying much more attention so I do fall down in this area a LOT!

    Thanks for this reminder and appreciate you sharing this.

    Hope you both have a great ending to this week.

    Adrienne recently posted…My Profile

  11. Hi anny.

    Welcome To Adetech blog

    Your points are tested and trusted hacks. I use them. The “warning” headlines works well. People want to be safe from danger.
    Thanks for sharing
    ologundudu abraham recently posted…My Profile

  12. Hi Anny,
    wonderfully written post. . Yes title is the key, i like your point; sending out warning, yes it will curious readers. . Thanks for sharing :)


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