4 Simplest tricks to manage your blog

management 4 Simplest tricks to manage your blog
Simplest trick on how to manage your blog.
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Writing your blog post, getting your desire traffic and outreach or exposure from it are two parallel lines which cannot meet/coincide. Writing blog post really need second thought and quality research must be made first before talking or thinking about blog promotion strategies. I don’t personally know maybe you have for once have a deep knowledge and have a thought about how to get your blog statement/post/article managed properly and harnesses your blog quality exposure in your niche?

Many bloggers publish reasonable article everyday with quality content in a reasonable context but all what am saying is that blogging is more than just clicking on new post and hit the publish button after the completion of the whole article. And the next thing after any published article should be visitors visiting to read your new post, comment, visitors hitting the like, tweet, and share button, and all the like but this is hopeless aim because no one will definitely do all these for you without your understanding the fact that you need to manage your blog to adhere to all these dreams.

Some quality ways to manage your blog for maximum exposure are discussed below:

1. Keyword research and headline management: There are countless numbers of blog on the internet with quality content like yours and for search engine to rank your blog higher than anyone; proper management of your blog keyword research and headline must be done. Blog headline plays a major role in blog quality traffic; catchy blog headline will attract more visitors quickly in the first place before the blog content.

For easy blogging write up, it should either be for human or search engine or both and for you to be able to conquer the aforementioned point, you must ask yourself these simple question: am I writing for my blog readers or search engine? Your reader come first and then follow by search engine simply because Google cannot assured you when your blog will hit the first page due to frequent change in their algorithm most especially when targeting a competitive keyword. So, building your readers first before going for Google will make your blog reader patronize your blog often and some can even subscribe to your blog update.

2. Manage your blog SEO: As far as blogging is concern, understanding SEO is the hardest part. Proper management of blog SEO refers to the habit of reading and learning to understanding from professional blog SEO expenses and experience. We (bloggers) all concern about traffic right? But are you doing what could bring that from search engine to your blog,though search engine should not be our ultimate target? Starting from blog title/headline, your blog Meta description, tag, and content shouldbe properly managed.

3. Blog link management: Blog links tells much about your domain authority. And the link am talking about is not your blog in bound link but your blog backlink which could earn you a reasonable page rank from search engine. But don’t overdo these so that your blog backlink will not be considered as a spam link by Google search engine so that your blog will be free from Google panda update Google in subsequent time.

4. Social network management: All blogger knows the important of social network most especially in the area of blog quality traffic, exposure and building quality relationship online but how do you manage this?. Many bloggers harass these blog management processes with poor management by sharing irrelevant link on their timeline and fan page. Although sharing you blog post link in your timeline and fan page is often encourage and that is one of the best way to keep your fan updated about your latest post but take some of your time to pull out some joke stuff that will cultivate the act of communication between you and your social media friends.

Your View: Blogging as a career need to be properly planned using blog management procedure and once these are able to put in place successfully then the aspired traffic, like share, and tweet will start coming with a definite time.



  1. Hi Adesanmi,
    To manage a blog properly always bring sweet results for but people ignore it. If a person just implements on the tricks you mentioned above then he surly can get better results because these are basic, simple and easy to do. Just SEO is a little bit difficult in understanding while all the other are no difficult. Thanks for sharing these tips.
    Muhammad Saleem recently posted…My Profile

    • Hi Saleem,

      You are right, understanding blog SEO is a bit difficult but once understood,the number one heaven of blog has opened.Thanks for your comment mate!

  2. Hi Adesanmi,
    your post always helping. you are saying ryt content Publish is not a complete task. We make our blog post too good so that people like that,Share that. This is really good quality ways to manage our Blog exposure. Thanks for sharing.
    Gautam recently posted…My Profile

    • Hi Gautam,

      Thank you for seeing adetechblog tips and contents so helpful.

  3. Well said Ade. I’ll only add that blog commenting should not be underestimated.
    Terungwa recently posted…My Profile

  4. Well done Ade you have already said it all.this is a nice and helpful trick one needs to employ to his blog in other to achieve better and excellent result. thanks for sharing

    • Hi Biz Master,

      Thanks for stopping by on adetechblog to leave a footprint.

  5. A very amazing post as always Adesanmi,
    Blog management is one thing every blogger that is serious about his business cannot take for granted. Just like when it comes to managing any type of business, there are a lot of things to be done to ensure the growth of the business.

    Managing of your blogging business is certainly the same thing, all the things you mentioned above are very important and should be well prioritized and managed if you want an effective blogging result.

    Thanks for sharing my man and have a fabulous weekend.
    Theodore Nwangene recently posted…My Profile

    • Hi Theodore,

      You are right bro, I see blogging as a business platform as well but situated on the internet and proper management must be carried out to ensure it effectiveness. Thanks for your contribution bro

  6. Hi Adedotun,
    i strongly support all you listed point, and they are all wonderful point to take note of. i think i’ll like to add that: for someone to manage your blog effectively, then you need to take time to visit your old posts. this is a very important thing for us all to note. Thanks for this wonderful post.

    • Hi Asaolu,

      Thanks for this wonderful contribution, do have a lovely weekend and happy blogging

  7. Hi Adesanmi,

    Very good post my friend and I agree with everything you’ve shared.

    I signed up for an eight day content marketing mini course and went through the first two days and a lot of what I read you shared here. Of course a good bit of this I know already but there is always something I feel I’m not doing or missing to some extent so I like to go through these courses from time to time to see what might be new that wasn’t last year or even six months ago.

    I was given a few sites to do some research as far as topics are concerned and what’s hot and what’s not. How to write those headlines that will grab people’s attention and I even was pointed to a site where it showed the top marketing blogs. I found my newest post on the third page, imagine my surprise. My goodness, I guess I’m still doing this right.

    Thank you again and keep up the excellent work.

    Adrienne recently posted…My Profile

    • Hi Ma,

      Thanks you for taking your precious time to visit my blog and leave this wonderful comment ma. Thanks you once more!

  8. Wow!…what a great post…thanx

    • Hi Slim,

      Thanks for your visit and for your wonderful comment

  9. Keyword research is an integral thing which should be done before posting post on blog. If someone ignore keyword research then the chances are really high that you’ll not get your desired result.
    Muneeb Ahsan recently posted…My Profile

    • Hi Muneeb,

      Keyword research is very important in getting a desire result in our blog. Understanding keyword research and couple it with blog SEO will bring a better result to our blog. Thanks for your visit mate

  10. nice informative article learn many things from here thnx form post..
    Prince Ramgarhia recently posted…My Profile

  11. Hi Adesanmi,

    Blogging can be tedious if you don’t know how to do it. I just read from my ebook last night….if you can write 2000 words a day it’s a great practice. The faster you write the better it is. And if it’s practiced everyday, not just when you are inspired. But inspired or not, one must force himself to go to a routine of writing each day. One must set a time aside just for writing.

    As far as SEO is concerned, they really are not that hard. Some people say they are hard because many doesn’t understand what they really are.

    There are 4 SEOs:
    1. White list = keyword you used in writing and search engine finds your link through your famous keyword
    2. Black list = links you paid which Google doesn’t like and if you keep doing this your site will be banned
    3. Backlinks from respected blogs = for example, Forbes 500 mentioned your blog on their article…that sort of thing. Leaving a link from a good neighborhood also counts (I.e. commentluv)
    4. Social Media = how many times your post is being shared by others thru Twitters, Facebook, Google +…

    That’s it there is too know. No biggy.

    Angela McCall recently posted…My Profile

    • Madam Angela,

      Thanks for these wonderful contribution;this is indeed an epic from your ma.

  12. This is the right place to be right now because this information is really relevant to me at this moment..thanks admin

    • Hi Nicolas,

      Thanks for finding this relevant.Have a lovely weekend.

  13. Hello Ade,
    This is indeed a nicely done post and i did love the read :).
    you know if one con connect with his/fellow blogger and thus provide valuable content that is worth the share, they will definitely share it for you. I do have friends that actually helps me share my content and i am grateful to them :).
    I do not do seo but i do keyword research for my tag, yes – i value my tag more than i do in my keyword :). what i am saying is i do pay much more attention to my tag than i do to my keyword and that has been helping me over the months.

    Nice article, i truly did love the read. Have a blessed week start :)
    Babanature recently posted…My Profile

    • Hi Babanature,

      Thanks for visiting again. I heard people talking about tag but I have not taken time to see to it effectiveness on blog but due to what you have just said, I’ll definitely see to it in my blog.

  14. Hi Adesanmi,

    WOW! There has been a lot of change here since my last visit. One thing I can say for sure is that the visual appearance of your blog highly improved. Now your blog looks beautiful and attractive. Colors, pictures, links, content, related posts as clickable pictures with text, nice social media buttons everything looks great. Even your English improved significantly and now you are talking fluently and with more confidence.

    Even more. The number of comments increased significantly. You now have a lot more social proof than before. As a result your Alexa rank improved enormously. 86K global rank! Awesome. congratulations.

    Well Adesanmi, it seems that your dream is a whole lot closer than before. Success is not far away and I am very glad for you.

    Have a wonderful day
    Silviu recently posted…My Profile

    • Hi Silviu,

      Thanks for the great observation. Although English language wasn’t my official language but I believed that the only constant thing in life is CHANGE. Am not a writer though, and if you take a look at my proof you will see that I categorically stipulated that am a MATHEMATICIAN and I only learnt general study when I was in my first year in the institution, but thank God for blogging this day that gave me more time to study English textbooks, read novels, read motivational books etc. so as to fine-tune my writing skills.


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