Blog keyword vs blog tag

Key Blog keyword vs blog tag

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As a blogger, virtually all bloggers are familiar with blog keyword whether we understand what it means and how to use it or not, but we all make use of it. The question I asked myself before this post was’ why was it that all bloggers were perplexed and couldn’t helped when Google decided to swap from Google keyword tool to  Keyword planner (Still keyword) but in a more unique way (I think from Google’s end).

And so also is blog tag, all bloggers know what these means but am not going to assume this, we are going to discuss this explicitly but before that, I wonder why we all love using tags in our blog, though I have not really started using this often in my new blog which was just moved to wordpress platform but I was amazed when I saw a great blogger “BABANATURE” to be precise to have laid emphasize on this on one of his comment in one of my blog post and this prompts me to read and wanted to know more about these two terms which I believed these post will as well be of more benefit to our blog by knowing what blog keyword and blog tags are and how to effectively make use of them.

                                                     What is keyword?

Keyword Blog keyword vs blog tag

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The word keyword simple means a word or phrase that is best suit to define a subject/word or means of defining a subject in a single concept. For instance; when you type certain term into search engine for a lists of results, that same word is called keyword. Keyword could be long (longtail), inform of a statement and at the same time it can a single word (Shorttail).

Without much ado, you keyword is that certain phrase or word you want to rank higher over others in search engine. From my research about what  people are seriously searching for is when Google update will be out, and definitely everybody is entitled to ranked high for that keyword depending on how the keyword is been implemented.

Keyword does not just exist but it’s used by search engine like Google to rank a site or blog for a certain keyword targeting in the post or for a certain use of language or term. For a site to ranked high in search engine, understanding how to make use of keyword in reasonable way must be fully understood. Though some don’t really make use of keyword but as a blogger this is not encouraged due to the level of the competition we found ourselves in blog-o-sphere.

There are many benefit associated with blog keyword, some of which are:

 1. It helps to rank site or blog high on search engines.

2. It brings about increments in blog or site organic traffic

3. Right keyword increases your site or blog visibility on search engine.

                                               What is blog tag?

Tag Blog keyword vs blog tag

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Tag is simple a phrase that describe some of what is contained in your blog post. Some called it “HINT”, it’s; it hints blog visitors what they are likely to find in your blog post. And do note that blog tag are not just there for decorating purpose, they are as well indexed by search engine and  they can be as well ranked.

Some of the benefits of blog tag are:

1. The can be ranked in search engine.

2. Blog tag increase the importance of blog post in search engine.


I see this question as a strict question, some we have to say yes why some we dispute that fact but one single thing I know about writing a blog post is that, for a blogger that blogs to help, and arrest the interest of his/her reader, some certain research needs to be carried out on what is to be written and on the keyword to be used. As per this post, am writing on blog tag vs blog keyword, there is tendency that I may be rank for tag, blogger tag, wordpress tag, keyword, category vs tag, category vs keyword, keyword and tag etc. as my post tag and all these are indeed readable/indexed by search engine which will definitely bring some juice to that post from search engines.

Conclusion: Understanding what blog keyword and blog tags are and how to use them while publishing our blog post will bring addition juice to our blog from most search engine like Google, Yahoo, Bing etc.

Adesanmi Adedotun is a part-time blogger who lives in Nigeria and Nigerian by birth, a chronic Mathematician as a profession. Am a typical fan of 9ice (Adigun Alapomeji) when it comes to Nigerian traditional singers. You can add me on Facebook . You can follow my UPDATE on Facebook | Twitter and on Google plus


36 Responses to “Blog keyword vs blog tag”

  1. Sep 05. 2013

    Hi Adesanmi,
    Thanks for giving me such a guidance about blog tag, although I have an idea about it but not enough that I gain after reading this post. Now I am able that how we should give tag to our blog posts. Thanks for sharing it.
    Muhammad saleem recently posted…My Profile

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  2. Sep 05. 2013

    Blog keyword & blog tag, Both are the important part of SEO, Both are helpful in various ways. Blog keyword present their value on different places & Blog tag also.

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  3. Sep 05. 2013

    Great post i really enjoyed reading through this article and its also important to know what keyword and tags are and how to make proper use of them but after reading this article everything now seems more clear to me
    Collins recently posted…My Profile

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  4. Sep 05. 2013

    Hi mate !
    This is a nice article that explains keywords and tags . We should always choose the right keywords for our blog as it can improve the search engine traffic . Thanks for sharing the information
    Pramod recently posted…My Profile

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    • Adesanmi Adedotun

      Sep 05. 2013

      Hi Pramod,

      I hardly use blog tag right from day one but immediately I understood it effectiveness on blog SEO, I have taken my time to edit all my blog post to make sure I effect the use of tag.

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  5. Sep 05. 2013

    Thanks for sharing this post and explaining how to use keywords and tags to better improve our SEO. Everything that we learn that can help us improve our rankings is definitely useful.

    Thanks for taking the time to share the information.
    Susan Velez recently posted…My Profile

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  6. Sep 05. 2013

    Hey great article, Adesanmi, thanks for sharing!
    Alvin Chadwick recently posted…My Profile

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  7. Sep 05. 2013

    This is really good info to take in.. thanks for sharing it.

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  8. Sep 06. 2013

    Hi Adesanmi,
    Very informative article to differentiate between keywords and tags. But one thing I would like to know that how many tags can be used in a specific post? Thanks for sharing this great article.

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    • Adesanmi Adedotun

      Sep 06. 2013

      Hi Arindam,

      Thanks for this question Arindam, blog tag is not like blog keyword which bloggers must not over use to avoid been considered as spam by search engine. You can use as many as possible tag depending on your post content and topic but its often advisable to use limited number of tag that can easily describe your post but not to as well over use like blog keyword and I don’t think there is a specific number of keyword a blogger can use on a post.

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  9. Sep 06. 2013

    Hi Adesanmi ,

    Thanks for sharing your opinion. I think keyword and tags are little different and both have their own importance.

    Keywords are mostly that defines what content is there in your article. Tags defines what sub content or topics you have in your article content.
    Shorya recently posted…My Profile

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  10. Sep 06. 2013

    Awesome Article Adesanmi, I wanted to know more about tags and this post helped me a lot.
    Siraj Wahid recently posted…My Profile

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  11. Sep 06. 2013

    Previously, all i do was just add tags (as a tradition) to my blog posts without knowing it’s significance. Keywords and tags are both essential for seo.
    oh one more thing. Tags helps in getting backlinks from technorati, i claimed my blog and i’ve been getting bunch of visits from there.
    Gilbert Samuel recently posted…My Profile

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  12. Sep 07. 2013

    Hi, Adesanmi,
    Wonderful Post Indeed. :)
    Blog tags and keywords are equally important. Both can raise our rank in search engine high. I believe keyword and tags are equal.
    You have given total explanation of tags and keyword. That’s great.
    thank you for sharing nice things. :)
    Kumar Chandan recently posted…My Profile

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    • Adesanmi Adedotun

      Sep 07. 2013

      Hi Kumar,

      I used to think that way before I knew what keyword and tag was and don’t really value tag nor make use of it but when I got to know more about it that they were not the same, I have to edit all my blog post to add tag for effective SEO.

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  13. Sep 07. 2013

    very awesome post indeed. you explained every point clearly. No doubt tags and keywords are most important for any post. we can increase our blog visibility in search engine. Thanks dear for sharing such type of post.
    Rana Irfan recently posted…My Profile

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  14. Sep 07. 2013

    These both are the essential for a blog SEO. You describe in a very simple manner that a newbie will easily understand it.Thanks for such nice Article.
    Gautam recently posted…My Profile

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    • Adesanmi Adedotun

      Sep 07. 2013

      Hi Guatam,

      You just got the whole summary of the article, effective use of tag and keyword increases our blog SEO. Thanks for your contribution.

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  15. Sep 07. 2013

    such a great post and nice topic to read bookmarked blog/..
    Prince Ramgarhia recently posted…My Profile

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  16. Sep 09. 2013

    Hi Adesanmi,

    Nice write up. Blog keywords and tags are part of SEO and both are important. When you write your blog post make sure to add more targetable keywords in posts and tags. This way you can get good search rank in search engines means more search traffic.
    Bashir Ahmed recently posted…My Profile

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  17. Sep 21. 2013

    Hi Adesanmi

    Our site hasn’t done so many posts since going live, but one thing I’ve noticed is that the more successfully ranked posts have just two or three blog keywords, but a handful more blog tags. Having more blog keywords doesn’t necessarily help rnk, and if anything can dilute the effect. As I see it, it’s very much like a pyramid, whereby keywords are tier 1 (maybe 2 or 3), tags are tier 2 (8 to 12) and the content tier 3. However, if you don’t get the content right, the blog keywords and blog tags don’t count for anything.
    Chloe B recently posted…My Profile

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