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The life-wire of any blog is its traffic and bloggers can go to any length to make sure they drive sufficient traffic to their blog. Leveraging your blog traffic take diverse of ways and bloggers have written more than enough article on “how to drive targeted traffic that convert your blog traffic to earning” either with social network or from search engines, yet, some bloggers still find it difficult to do.

Leveraging your blog traffic has a lot to do with how you promote your blog post and the kind of blog communities where your blog posts were promoted. Although, there are countless numbers of blog communities on the internet and they were being marketed with sense of belonging but Blog Engage is a community for bloggers who dream about taking the lead in terms of traffic and building online relationship.

The brain behind Blog Engage is Brian Belfitt with more than 2,500 active members including some of the world leading bloggers like Brian (himself), Ileane, Zac Johnson etcetera. These awesome bloggers don’t just find their way to Blog Engage blog community but they have more than enough reason to join Blog Engage, some of which are;

Blog Engage Live Chat: The first move for every blogger is building quality relationship with fellow bloggers and this is just a perfect way of connecting with one another on Blog Engage using Blog Engage live chat. I personally gave Blog Engage a standing ovation with this distinct feature because it makes the community unique and different from other communities. Facebook and Google plus being part of the world leading social network can be integrated directly from Blog Engage without opening another tab. This is just a tip of iceberg about quality features that Blog Engage possess.

RSS Syndication on Blog Engage: The main motive of Blog Engage is post syndication. All you have to do is to publish your latest post Url on Blog Engage for syndication. There is high tendency for any blog or blog communities with high PageRank to get indexed on time than blogs or communities with low or no PageRank. With Blog Engage, chances are that for your post to get indexed on time by most search engines most especially Google.

Talking about syndicating your blog post on Blog Engage, it takes two ways to have your post syndicated. Owing Blog Engage standard account will enables you to submit your blog permalink manually but with platinum account and above, RSS syndication is done automatically once you have linked your blog feed to your Blog Engage account and Brian will do the rest for you.

Connecting With Pro-bloggers on Blog Engage Group: Building online audience has a lot do with meeting people either one on one or having a live chat together just like the first feature of Blog Engage we discussed above, and the best way to have it done is joining the group of the top bloggers where blogging ideas are been shared by and with experts.

With Blog Engage group, members were allowed to share their blogging knowledge in order to help others who don’t know much about blogging. Do NOTE that some of these group posts are prone to moderating and moderations are often done by top and famous bloggers where they can easily link back to your post if it’s a quality type.

Other features of Blog Engage which you can benefit from are;

  • JustRetweet Bonus
  • Hashtag Marketing
  • Giveaway contest
  • YouTube video syndication
  • Spotlight (Reckoning with top user of the week)

Click to view and know more detail about .

Does Blog Engage really worth it? I know that is going to be the question bothering your mind at this moment, right? As far as am concern, Blog Engage really worth it most especially for quality traffic and building online audience.

Blog Engage doesn’t leverages all bloggers or internet marketers base on the same level but base on it plans to suit all members.

The first plan and most affordable Blog Engage plans is called STANDARD ACCOUNT:

  • Manual submission only
  • JustRetweet Bonus (3000)
  • Cost £19.99 (Lifetime payment)

The second plan is called PLATINUM ACCOUNT most especially for professional bloggers (possess standard account features)

  • 1 content syndication
  • YouTube Bonus (3500)
  • Social media marketing (SMM)
  • Cost €19.99 per month

The third plan comprises of two categories which are: BUSINESS PLAN AND BUSINESS PLUS PLAN. (Possess standard feature)

  • 3-5 content syndication
  • Hashtag Marketing
  • Social media marketing (SMM)
  • JustRetweet Bonus (4000-4500)

Plan cost:

  •             Business plan cost £19.99 per month
  •             Business plus plan cost £29.99 per month

The fourth plan is called ULTIMATE ACCOUNT with the best features ever.

  • Direct to front page feature
  • 8 feeds content syndication
  • Giveaway contest
  • Hashtag meeting
  • Facebook group
  • JustRetweet Bonus

Plan cost £199.99 per mouth

I guess you have something positive at the back of your mind that Blog Engage worth trying right? In fact, you need to try it and leverage your blog/website traffic.

Click on the image below to try Blog Engage now!!!

Adesanmi Adedotun is a part-time blogger who lives in Nigeria and Nigerian by birth, a chronic Mathematician as a profession. Am a typical fan of 9ice (Adigun Alapomeji) when it comes to Nigerian traditional singers. You can add me on Facebook . You can follow my UPDATE on Facebook | Twitter and on Google plus


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  1. Dec 14. 2013

    Thanks alot Adesanmi, Blogengage is one best resource to getting targetted traffic,, backlink and higher alexa ranking.. plus it also showcase your site to potential advertisers.

    Thanks a lot for the review, am a big Fan of Blogengage, but sadly, am not a member there, i don’t have the money yet to subscribe.
    Isaiah Joe recently posted…My Profile

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    • Adesanmi Adedotun

      Dec 14. 2013

      Hi Joe,

      Blog Engage is really doing great when it comes traffic and building online relationship, bro, am glad you believe in blog engage potential. Thanks bro
      Adesanmi Adedotun recently posted…Blog Engage leverages your blog trafficMy Profile

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    • Dec 22. 2013

      Hi Isaiah Joe, Blog Engage has a ton of ways to get free accounts. Perhaps you can try one of these methods to get inside and to start sharing your blog posts?
      bbrian017 recently posted…My Profile

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  2. Dec 14. 2013

    Hi Adesanmi !
    I’ve been reading a lot of positive reviews on Blog Engage . For newbie bloggers , Blog engage is certainly one of the best place to be . Thanks for sharing this interesting review .

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    • Adesanmi Adedotun

      Dec 14. 2013

      Hi Pramod,
      That is what one of the main motive of Blog Engage bro, to bring bloggers together and that’s what about it positive review.

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    • Dec 22. 2013

      Hi Pramod, Blog Engage is great for all kinds of bloggers including newbies such as yourself or more advanced bloggers like many of the ones already registered! I hope to see you joining us perhaps it will help you become a more advanced pro blogger.
      bbrian017 recently posted…My Profile

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  3. Dec 14. 2013

    Hey mate!

    Thanks for sharing this. For me, Blog Engage is a GREAT place for bloggers and marketers. Lovely community and good to build influence marketing. The standard plan is a good part to start and move on when you had enough ‘leverage’.

    Great write!
    Reginald recently posted…My Profile

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  4. Dec 14. 2013

    Hi bro,

    Blog Engage is no doubt one of the best blogging communities, and I have been personally using it for few months now…The results are really very very good….
    Aditya Dey recently posted…My Profile

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  5. Dec 15. 2013

    From the details of this post, it becomes really clear that there are positives to take home with when it comes to Blog Engage.

    For the fact that many top bloggers are into this community shows that it is a credible blog community to engage in.

    More so, the spread of the account into different plans shows that opportunities are given to bloggers with different financial strength.

    This comment was left in where this post was already “kingged” and shared for Internet marketers.
    Sunday – contributor

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    • Adesanmi Adedotun

      Dec 16. 2013

      Hi Sunday,

      Blog Engage really convinced new members with these top bloggers and it’s the best place to start with when it comes to blogging communities.

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  6. Dec 15. 2013

    I’m already a member at blogengage but never got any premium account there. And I was thinking to get one standard account would be best for me.

    Thanks for sharing!
    Ashish recently posted…My Profile

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    • Adesanmi Adedotun

      Dec 16. 2013

      Hi Ashish,

      Great Ashish, getting standard account on blog engage will give you an edge ahead of your competitors
      Adesanmi Adedotun recently posted…How do you start blogging?My Profile

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    • Dec 22. 2013

      Hi Ashish, standard accounts are great but they are only for the new blogger with no budget. Our Platinum account is the best for social media marketing on Facebook and Twitter! I suggest you give it a try.
      bbrian017 recently posted…My Profile

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  7. Dec 15. 2013

    Hi Adesanmi
    I have a login for blog engage, but have never really used it.
    I have to get back into it, it seems, because everywhere I go people are reviewing this site very positively!
    thanks for sharing
    Ashley recently posted…My Profile

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  8. Dec 16. 2013

    hello Adesanmi ,
    No doubt Blogengage is more power platform for leverages traffic of your site and creating authority of your site.

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  9. Dec 16. 2013

    Ya.. It is great way to connect with blogger and you can also make money easily…. Thanks for awaring us.
    Abhishek Abh-i recently posted…My Profile

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  10. Dec 16. 2013

    Hi Dotun,
    It is great how we as bloggers make every thing we write about seem as the only thing that can give us the required result. I must add that, if one focuses to build traffic with one source, one can then diversify when the traffic is steady.

    Trying to get traffic from many sources at once will be like chasing many rabbits at a go.

    This piece on blog engage is a great one. Thanks for sharing.
    Eyram recently posted…My Profile

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    • Adesanmi Adedotun

      Dec 18. 2013

      Hi Eyram,

      You are right and I can’t argue that. There are many blogging community but when you are inline with those that you so much believe that works for you, you will dedicate the whole lot of your time for it and make it work out however, even if you have paticipated in more two, three blogging community without blog engage you are missing great traffic source Eyram
      Adesanmi Adedotun recently posted…9 Awesome tools to help you find great content for PinterestMy Profile

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  11. Dec 17. 2013

    Adesanmi, You Writing Skills Is Really Good you Explain About Blogengage Very Clearly and your content is very interested and readable i must share your this article with my friends
    Akhil Swatantra recently posted…My Profile

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  12. Dec 28. 2013


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  13. Jan 09. 2014

    I have been hearing of blogengage for a long while now but i havent really used them because of the price tag in the sense that i always wonder if its worth it. Considering this post, i think I’d give it a shot.
    Samuel Adeniyi recently posted…My Profile

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