Blackberry social network unveils

During Blackberry live 2013; the C.E.O Thorsten Heins officially announced the launch of Blackberry messenger [BBM],that the BBM channels service that was officially launched is now working effectively.

The social network which will allow users to set up channel was built on top of it BBM messaging service. Heins mentioned people like Goo Goo Dolls, Alicia Keys and Mercedes Benz that they will have a high partner profile since they have been signed to be part of the beta.
The C.E.O [ Heins ] further said that the company developer have taken the burden upon themselves as a core task to roll out the channel update every 2-3 weeks and that the service will be officially launched this summer which will work in accordance with the company motive to launch respectively. And he further said that the new BBM channel will also be included in the iOS and Android BBM app.

Althhough Blackberry is not referred to as social network but it features are to transform the vision of BBM beyond what persons could ever imagine by making BBM more unique and so as to allow users to be able to subscribe to the channel the way people does on Facebook and Twitter. The intuition behind this Blackberry Social network is to allow user of the brand to be able to connect with their business associate, group of friends on the group they belong to etc.

The executive vice president of Software product management [SPM] and Ecosystem at Blackberry, in person of Andrew Bocking added up the pitch that Blackberry is making brands to join BBM channel, he further attested that with over 60 million fully engaged BBM users,content creator and modifier have a high privilege to build deeper relationship to connect people in new way and as well enhance their brands.

Conclusion: Blackberry the talk of the town always succeed where its competitors failed woefully

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