Ultimate reasons why Android OS must be rooted


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Rooting Android device is like turning a modem into a universal modem so that virtually all types of SIM card can work on the modem without and hindrance.

Gone are those days where rooting Android device was a great problem, and after you have successfully rooted your Android device, what are the advantages that are likely to be derived from it?

To start with, below are some of the reasons why you must root your Android device.

1. Ability to install more app:  As a matter of fact, unrooted Android device have access to limited number of apps even the new Facebook home on Android. Most Android apps work on rooted Android else they cannot be install on it. And on of the vital benefit of Android is the ability to make do with whatever app that need tomake use on time.

2. Additional memory: This one of  the great benefit of rooting Android OS which I really love; rooting Android device allow the moving of app on Android internal memory to external memory card and this nothing but great advantage for rooting Android device.

3. Custom rom: some Android users rooted their devices because of custom rom so that they can almost turn the device speed to as fast as speed of light.

4. Speed-up Android OS: don’t just need to argue about this fact, virtually all Android device are very slow most especially those with low memory capacity and to increase the speed of your Android device,it needs to be rooted.

The above points above are enough to convince you  that rooting Android device is the best choice for Android users.

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