Does guest blogging have any benefit?

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Developing online business really need a blog or website for effective development and strategies. But many bloggers can’t see guest blogging as one of the best way to reach out to people who don’t know about their blogs.

What is guest blogging? Guest blogging is the act of writing an article, quality content for that matter, and publish it on other bloggers’ blog
which is of benefit to you both. Now that all blog are requesting for guest blogging, what are the reason for this, and the benefit you can derive from writing an article for other blogger to publish it on their blog or website?

1. Direct traffic: One of the greatest reason why quest blogging is more encouraged is that, it is capable of bringing direct traffic to your blog, and it’s worth spending time on. Then tendency of your blog having more traffic than before if you guest blog on a blog with high authority, and quality traffic in the blogging community is very high. Outside the fact that you will start receiving traffic to your blog, targeted traffic which is the ideal traffic will be tailored toward your blog.

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If great contents are submitted as a guest post, and your blog content are as well great, the tendency for first time visitor bookmarking your blog is very high and this will definitely increase search engine indexing your blog.

2. Ranking: If the blog admin allow some link back to guest post author blog, definitely blog alexa rank, and as well Google search engine rank will increase, and in this manner if guest post is publish in a blog related niche, certainly, your blog SEO will increase.

3. Exposure: Guest blogging pave way for guest author to get known and be known in blogging community. In fact, a high ranked blog with huge traffic that accept your guest post is like advertising your blog because with your author bio, people will be able to know more about you.

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4. Trust: If you want your blog to gain quick trust quality content published, and yet is not known, then guest blogging is the best and most suitable option for you to gain readers trust on your quality content as it advertises you, and your blog to the whole lot of visitor that visits the blog you guest blog

Final word: Many successful bloggers today in blog-o-sphere guest blog before they finally gain popularity in the industry and today they are blogger celebrity… Why don’t you give guest blog a try today?

Adesanmi Adedotun is a part-time blogger who lives in Nigeria and Nigerian by birth, a chronic Mathematician as a profession. Am a typical fan of 9ice (Adigun Alapomeji) when it comes to Nigerian traditional singers. You can add me on Facebook . You can follow my UPDATE on Facebook | Twitter and on Google plus


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  1. Orhionkpaibima

    Jul 20. 2013

    Great post ,guest posting on popular niche site brings in good traffic and exposure,making oyur blog popular in returnGreat post ,guest posting on popular niche site brings in good traffic and exposure,making oyur blog popular in return

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  2. adetechblog

    Jul 21. 2013

    Yes! You are right Ebima, guest blogging on a popular blog brings about exposure and quality traffics.
    My recent post Does guest blogging have any benefit?

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  3. Jul 21. 2013

    Guest post has a lot of benefits, and i can say we have 3 or more benefit as you mentioned above, which is Back-link, traffic and exposure which we require most to keep our blog healthy but it is required to submit a post to related blogs if you want maximum benefit of guest posting.
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  4. Jul 21. 2013

    While guest posting may never bring loads of traffic as most of us thinks, it does bring few ones that may end up being regular readers of your blog and may gain you high rate of trust and followers in the long run
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  5. adetechblog

    Jul 21. 2013

    Hi Collins,

    Yes,submitting guest post to a blog related niche will enhance exposure and popularity on time in that niche. Thank you for this great quota of yours.
    My recent post One reason why I will stop visiting your blog

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  6. Jul 22. 2013


    I agree 100% on guest blogging. As long as I know the person and he or she has come to my blog several times, I love to have a guest on my blog. I usually do so when I'm on vacation, so that the guest can follow up to all my readers. Also it is a good thing because my guest will share it with their friends.

    I have been a guest too on people's blogs and met many wonderful people who have followed me back.

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  7. adetechblog

    Jul 22. 2013

    Hi Obasi,

    You seems to summarize the whole article, and am really impressed; trusted follower is one of the greatest reason why a blogger must be up-to the task at all time. Thumbs up!
    My recent post Strategies for increasing marketing growth stock

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  8. adetechblog

    Jul 22. 2013

    Hi Donna,

    Good to hear that you also accept guest post on your blog from a loyal readers so also to give him/her a head way in the blog-o-sphere…

    My recent post Strategies for increasing marketing growth stock

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  9. Jul 22. 2013

    Guest blogging , no doubt one of the most beneficial off page seo technique by which we can build links naturally and Google love natural links. I personally is the only thing by which we can build links naturally and this give huge benefit. and more over it builds relationship between different bloggers which is important in blogging sphere. Thanks for sharing great stuff with all of us.
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  10. Jul 22. 2013

    Hi Adesanmi,

    I haven't tried guest posting myself yet, due to lack of time, but I know from other bloggers' experience of it that it can be very beneficial and a great way to make new connections. I do think you need to be selective about which blogs you guest-post on, though – ideally blogs with a higher rank than your own, and obviously those that get sufficient traffic to make your efforts worthwhile.

    My recent post

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  11. adetechblog

    Jul 22. 2013

    Hi Sue,

    I will advise you give it a trial and you will be convinced. Guest blogging and leaving a comment in other blogs really helped this blog in the first month and I can attest to the fact that Guest bloggng is wonderful, and talking about time, you can re-schedule you time and try to publish a post atleast 2-3 guest post per month and it'll really help your blog.
    My recent post Strategies for increasing marketing growth stock

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  12. adetechblog

    Jul 22. 2013

    Hi Muneeb,

    Thank you so much for this contribution…
    My recent post Strategies for increasing marketing growth stock

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  13. Silviu

    Jul 22. 2013

    Hi Adesanmi,

    1. The good

    The content of the blog is interesting. The titles are well crafted and you managed to attract attention.
    The visual appearance of the whole blog is attractive. It is a nice blog, clean and easy to read.
    You update your blog often. So you are offering new content to your readers very fast.
    You probably comment a lot on other people's blogs.
    It is probably that you do some guest posting, too.

    I can feel that your desire to succeed and become rich and free is huge. It seems it burns your soul.
    You are kind of … like a flame and very emotional. The flames of passion.
    All things above are very, very good. Even more.

    You have managed to reach Alexa rank of 402906 (July 22th, 2013). In just about 6 weeks. Congratulations!

    2. The bad

    a. There is a very little number of comments on your blog. You even wrote an article about this "One reason why I will stop visiting your blog". You are kind of upset because people don't come to comment on your blog and explain us that you won't come and comment on other people blogs, if the respective blog owners do not reciprocate (meaning they don't come to your blog and comment, too).

    So the first problem is : little engagement.

    b. The speed of ascension is too high. At this rhythm you will be number 1 in 4-5 months.You are climbing the ladder too fast. Super-speed means danger.
    As far as I know, those who succeed too fast are not welcomed in the blogosphere. People look at them suspiciously. They suspect black hat techniques and a lot of other things. It doesn't matter you are clean. They won't believe.
    Next, Google will look at you with a lot of suspicion. One single mistake and you will get a Google penalty.

    As far as I know, the Western world doesn't like revolutions. They believe in what is called" organic growth". This means a natural growth. In nature, normal plants and animals don't grow too fast. Otherwise they die.
    There is natural rhythm of growth, in nature and in blogosphere. You are way higher than this natural rhythm.
    So suspicion is inevitable and penalties also.

    Some time ago I was browsing a site called I was browsing very, very fast, looking at a specific indicator inside each article. is Google's property. Google's software monitored my actions and after a an hour or so they blocked my access to the site and sent me a message:

    "You are browsing too fast. You are not a human being. You are an automated program. This is contrary to our policies. We have blocked your access to the site. If you want your access back, send us an email and explain why were you moving so fast. Then, we may give your access back."

    There was no way to regain my access so I was forced to write them an email and explain them what I was doing. They gave my access back. This was a kind of shock to me.

    I understood that in this world :

    - if you go too slow, you won't succeed BUT

    - if you go too fast, you won't succeed either.

    SLOW is BAD. However, VERY FAST is BAD, too.

    What to do then? You need to find the natural growing rhythm that WILL NOT RAISE SUSPICION.

    Otherwise people will avoid you. You will remain alone.

    3. The ugly

    I can feel your desire and your pain. You write like crazy, comment like crazy, guest post like crazy. However, there is little engagement, little comments and so on. Why?

    Well, for example, you came to my site and made three comments. Two of them were kind of: "very informative" and "so much impressed with this information" . The last one is just a little better. You say you are commenting on blogs with commentluv and intense debate.

    The principle of commenting is the following: You must add value to the post.
    It doesn't work with "very informative" and "so much impressed with the information". In fact, you said nothing. You didn't add value to the post. You were just in a hurry to leave your comments.

    Even worse: you put the same backlink to all the three posts. This behavior is unacceptable. I cannot approve your comments. They look too much like SPAM.
    This is is what happens when you are moving too fast.


    If you want to succeed and be rich and free and happy, you must change your behavior. Find the natural growth rhythm in the blogosphere.

    I hope this post will not offend you. I have taken the time and effort to write all the above because I care about people like you. You are a good man, generous and passionate. You deserve a better place in this world. But you must be careful . The online world is a jungle and it doesn't matter you are innocent.

    Have a nice day

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  14. Jul 22. 2013

    Hi Adesanmi,

    I believe that guest posting is important especially when you're new so that you can get out in front of as many people as you can and be noticed. I know that being brand new then a lot of people aren't interested in accepting you because they do want you to be able to bring some traffic to their site as well but I think the majority of the benefit goes to the guest finding new readers possibly.

    I've done a little guest posting myself but it's hard to find the time anymore. I only accept guest posts on my blog by invitation only. I decided to help my readers out more then someone I don't know. I'm going into two years doing it this way so it's working out really well.

    Thanks for the tips and enjoy your week.

    My recent post

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  15. adetechblog

    Jul 22. 2013

    Hi Silviu,

    You comment was awesome, valued, appreciated,and noted. In fact, you have caught my action but I love reading the whole of blog article before leaving a comment because I know my comment must contribute it quota to the article and this can be done only via understanding the content of the article. I will definitely take heed about the good, bad, and ugly part of the comment and make some amendment. Thank you so much for this great concern about my blogging career. THUMBS UP SIR!
    My recent post Does guest blogging have any benefit?

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  16. adetechblog

    Jul 22. 2013

    Hi Adriene,

    Yes you are right, in fact guest post to me was purposefully put in place because of new bloggers to show case in the community within a limited number of time if their writing skills are authentic and genuine.
    My recent post How to know a blog is index by Google

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  17. Jul 23. 2013

    Guest posting or guest blogging also help you to build relationship to the other people that are in the same field like yours.
    Have you tried There are plenty of bloggers and writers on this community where you can find guest posting opportunity. Hope it helps! :D
    My recent post

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  18. Jul 23. 2013

    Yes it is good however, I think google will keep a close eye on guest posts. Especially the author bio section

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  19. adetechblog

    Jul 23. 2013

    Hi Jeric,

    Thank you Jeric for stopping by to leave a comment. Guest blogging really helps in linking building and relationship as you have rightly said but I have not tried and I will check on that out.
    My recent post 6 reasons why newbie blogger may not succeed in blog-o-sphere!

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  20. adetechblog

    Jul 23. 2013

    Hi Jonathan,

    Yes you are right, and it will definitely bring about exposure and cordial relationship.
    My recent post Strategies for increasing marketing growth stock

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  21. Jul 24. 2013

    You should try it sir. :D
    They have lots of guest posting opportunity aside from the SEO topic. Hope to see you there.
    My recent post

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  22. Jul 31. 2013

    I guest post constantly. Infact I had to hire another author to run the site while I guest posted like a madman. It is very helpful for SEO! like hugely! – Scott Craighead
    My recent post

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  23. adetechblog

    Aug 01. 2013

    Hi Scott,

    You are right scott, and it also work in the aspect of building quality backlink to our blog
    My recent post Setup your own blog in 18 minutes

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  24. Aug 21. 2013

    nice article, thank you guys, for my opinion, Guest comment is also a good step to make your site health based on google algorithm,
    keep it up
    zay howard recently posted…My Profile

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  25. Sep 24. 2013

    Guest post is really important for a new blogger to get exposure. One can be lucky to have this opportunity otherwise blog commenting is the best option to build relationship with the bloggers

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