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How to scan files on Android devices

Gone are those days where document scanning can only be done or carried out on a scanning machine. But these days, with the help of your Android device, its camera and camscanner you ... Continue Reading →

How to insert AdSense code in your blog Mobile view

Have you ever wondered how some blogs display AdSense on mobile while surfing the internet with your mobile phone? Don’t be surprise when this happened, all they do is that the blog ... Continue Reading →

How to Find Contact Details of a private caller with Truecaller

Previously, I recently discussed about how to send anonymous and fake SMS, and the service is very effect and indeed perfect when it comes to pulling your colleagues leg, by letting ... Continue Reading →

Sending Automated Direct Message on Twitter for free

One of the most effective marketing tools you can’t deny off is Twitter, since the only thing you need to know about Twitter is how to effectively make use of it. Talking about social ... Continue Reading →

How to send anonymous and fake SMS

Talking about teasing and playing on ones intelligent, sending an anonymous SMS can be a very lucrative and recommended way. This is just like playing prank and gives someone a headache ... Continue Reading →
pdf file

How to create PDF file on PC

Talking about pdf file format is no longer a new thing but how can someone convert document to a pdf format without scanning it using scanning machine? Gone are those days where you ... Continue Reading →

Benefits of Apple Carpaly

Apple Phone Company has announced their new device that enables users to connect their iOS Apple device with their cars. The device which Apple Company called carplay is a rebrand of ... Continue Reading →

The “NO” about Google AdSense that attracts “YES”

Making money online this day has become the most targeted keyword on the internet to the extent that many make us of it as their blog URL and this shows how internet users are very ... Continue Reading →
Social media signals

Impact of social signals on search engine rankings

Nature is a good teacher; he who can read the nature very well, he also can as well learn wise things to live for and learn from. Once one stepped in the nature, one philosophical education ... Continue Reading →

7 Tips for Affiliate marketing for Beginners

Affiliate marketing is one of the most reliable ways to earn living online if done in a proper way. Making money from affiliate program is indeed a hard model for beginners that do ... Continue Reading →