How to block friend access to foursqaure venue on Android

The latest foursquare update on Android and iOS app which was released on Tuesday give users the privilege to access their friends venue outside the knowledge of the friend. The recent action by foursquare updates was upon massive request and those who send request now have the mandate to access … [Read more...]

Best Android and Tablet feed reader after the death of Google reader

I guess if you are a blogger or webmaster, the word Google reader is not going to be new to you or read more about Google reader from Google readerDon't be surprised that by Monday,Google feed reader will finally dead and become thing … [Read more...]

Download Yoruba bible for your smartphone |

Hurry to all Yoruba Christian brethren and all the Yoruba language lovers, most especially those who have smartphone or Symbian phones.This is an opportunity for you to have the Yoruba bible version on your smartphone for free and without any penalty or violation of any norms. … [Read more...]

Ultimate reasons why Android OS must be rooted

Rooting Android device is like turning a modem into a universal modem so that virtually all types of SIM card can work on the modem without and hindrance.Gone are those days where rooting Android device was a great problem, and after you have successfully rooted your Android device, what are the … [Read more...]

How to download and install Facebook Home on Android

Image credit: Techclause.comThe longer awaited Facebook Home APK file is now available for download on Google play. The Facebook Home is now available for Android device for free on Google play. The new Facebook Home app for Android which display Facebook messages, photos, notifications, … [Read more...]

How to use unsigned app on Android device

Recently I discovered using unsigned app on Android device is almost impossible since there is a limitation placed on such app and the device itself, but the only way to make use of unsigned app on Android device is through ROOTING. … [Read more...]

How to use Android app on PC

How often do you enjoy Android app on your PC? And how great is it to enjoy Android app on your PC? You'll only know the benefit of enjoying Android app on PC if you have not limited yourself to Android mobile app alone. And if however you are the type that spends much time with PC than mobile, I … [Read more...]