Five Top Android ROMs

If you want to give your Android OS a new look, the need to have an absolute control over it is the first step to be taken and this can be done by rooting the device. After rooting it, the type of ROM to be used will be the next thing to think about, and since there are many Android ROMs depending on Android manufacturers’ taste, you need to know the type of Android ROMs that will work best for your Android to be able to give it nice looking to be able to add additional great features.

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Earlier before now, chances are that for you have heard about flashing a ROM on your Android device, definitely a desired type ROM will be needed and the type of Android ROMs to be used needs to be critically looked at before taking the final decisions on which and which is the best Android ROMs for your device.

Five Top Android Roms Five Top Android ROMs

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To reduce your stresses, we have made a concrete research and we are here with the five top Android ROMs you need to know before choosing a ROM for your Android when flashing a ROM on your Android device.

: CyanogenMod is roughly the most installed Android ROMs when it comes to upgrading Android ROM or flashing ROM to Android device. CyanogenMod does not just take this position but from users’ experience, it offers the best features and supports virtually all Android devices. To know whether your device is supported by this ROM, go to the website and click on devices and the list of supported Android will be displayed.

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: AOKP the acronyms of Android Open Kang Project, AOKP is one of the newest Android ROMs when compared to some other ROMs, but it popularity is very rapid because of it great features. You can hardly differentiate AOKP from CyanogenMod except you pay a keen attention to it option. AOKP supports series of devices but not as many as the first one and you can find a list of supported device from their homepage.

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: One thing I love about MIUI is the pretty user interface that makes your Android seems the best when flashed on your Android. If the first two top ROMs are not considered being the best from your end, definitely MIUI will have to be. The number of devices supported by MIUI is not as much as the previous ones but at least, 50% perfect is better than 100% nothing. You can check whether your Android is supported by MIUI on their homepage.

  : This ROM is really handy and it comes at the right time most especially for Samsung users’. If you are using Samsung Nexus, Samsung Galaxy products, then Slim ICS is best for you. You know, when flashing a ROM on your Android, most of the time you will have to later re-install G-apps rolled in but with Slim ICS ROMs, that is not need again.

 : This ROM should be the number one ROM since it’s for multiple devices but users don’t really find this lovable like the previous ones. Liquid Smoot ROMS started it journey with devices like HTC Thunderbolt, Motorola Droid, Droid Incredible and Google Nexus. Reason why I seem to love this ROM is nothing but it’s just too fast and can be regarded as the fastest ROM for now.

There is no sentiment about these ROMs, however chances are that for you to have a better ROM flashed on your Android, no qualms, please do share it with us for updating in the comment section if it worth it.

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