About me

The blogging world keep increasing as the world changes and people changes with the world and the latest development in the world.

Adetechblog start as a personal blog  in the middle of JUNE 2013 with ADESANMI ADEDOTUN being the soul Author and the only Admin as the time of writing this about page. Adetechblog came into existence with the aims of sharing some deep knowledge on blogging, bloggers, SEO, Internet marketing tips and some general tips in blogosphere to help people who are ready tolearn in blog-o-sphere.



I am ADESANMI ADEDOTUN, a passionate and part-time blogger whose believe goes thus:

Adedotun believed that knowledge is knowing without seeing, strong practise of the way accomplishes without striving, knowing without going out of the door, seeing the way to heaven without looking through the window, growing ever stronger and at the same time trying to adapt to all situations of life.I love to aware of disturbance before disturbance, danger before danger, destruction before destruction, calamity before calamity, training my body without being burdened by the body, exercise my mind without being used by the mind, working in the world without being affected by the world and carrying out task without being obstructed by the task.

 I love my world and am learning my world… Let keep blogging!