9 Awesome tools to help you find great content for Pinterest

pinterest 9 Awesome tools to help you find great content for PinterestPinterest is becoming image search engine gradually for image lovers and creative being, just think of any image, you will definitely find them on this upcoming image search engine and once uploaded, the next thing is to pin it, and the pinning continues as long as people love it. The number of pin you can have for a specific image cannot be stipulated.

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Professional webmasters are found of surfing the internet often to broaden their knowledge when it comes to dealing with the web. Most of the webmasters or professional webmasters don’t always lack getting stunning and catchy image for Pinterest to have maximum pin for their image. Nonetheless, the internet is not made for the best to succeeding alone, also newbies and beginners can as well upload am image that will has the maximum pin for the week even month and getting this done need a lot to do with the vast knowledge of having the right tools. And here are 9 best awesome tools to help you find great content on Pinterest to boosting your business traffic.

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: With Blekko, you can easily remove any spam stuff from what you are searching for. Blekko gives an image that is highly targeted right from search engines and such images will boost your pin on Pinterest.

 : This is indeed a curative tool. Using this tool will open your eye to some inspiring and captivating image that can be pinned on Pinterest. Finding unique images has to do with searching through the popular collections.

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 : Do you still remember delicious or you have stopped using it? If yes, then you are missing something great, Delicious is a great place to find content for your Pinterest, all what is required of you is to skim your connection or better still, search through categories that are related to your pin and a great image that worth pinning right from Delicious will be discovered.

 : All you have to do here is to follow great people that share nice images with stunning content and the search through the web to find the image to it real source and then pin it to your board since you cannot pin directly from Facebook to your Pinterest account

 : Google plus is a fast growing network this day, just like Facebook where you connect with family and friends. Follow great people to seeing what they share for the benefit of gathering stunning images that worth pinning on Pinterest. The type of images that can be found on Google Plus is not limited to a specific image, images that travels around the globe.

: Paper.li is very powerful and different from most of the aforementioned website, Paper.li can turn your blog or social media account to news content where you can get quality image to pinning when you search through it.

 : I guess this means a lot and there is no doubt about this. Searching through Pinterest consistently will open your eyes to at least two or three images that can be re-pinned, but when re-pinned don’t forget to refer or mention the pin source.

:  Are you expecting this? If I were you, I will as well be expecting you to mention StumbleUpon. Just like others, searching through the category or topic you are interested in and you will be amazed with the kind of awesome images that will be displayed on your screen and the next thing is to pin.

: Just like Facebook, people share what they love as tweet, click through it and pin.

Image source: www.quicksprout.com

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  1. Dec 16. 2013

    Great topic Adesanmi. Thank you.

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  2. Dec 17. 2013

    Thanks Adesanmi for this wonderful post, i really love it. I have come across bloggers who are making it from pinterest and they never share this tools to get more followers and at the same time share inspiring posts.. Thanks Bro for this.
    Isaiah Joe recently posted…My Profile

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  3. Dec 17. 2013

    Blundlr,Paper.Li And Blekko are new for me. Will definately give them a try.
    Thanks for Sharing Adesanmi!! Have a Awesome wekeend.
    Deepak Singh recently posted…My Profile

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  4. Dec 17. 2013

    Going by this post, it becomes clear that the major social networking and social bookmarking websites can be used to find Pinterest contents. Its important having this list as newbie Internet marketers would find it helpful to improve their social and content marketing.
    This comment is shared in kingged.com – the Internet marketing content syndication website where this post was found.
    Sunday – Kingged.com

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  5. Dec 17. 2013

    thanks for sharing great post. these sites are most important for viral content marketing. Adesanmi I hope you agree with my point.

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  6. Dec 17. 2013

    It appears I am missing some great with my inactiveness on Pinterest.

    Thanks for sharing with us those insights.
    Emmanuel recently posted…My Profile

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  7. Dec 17. 2013

    I never knew that there are 9 awesome tools that we can use, and that it can be a lead to find great content for Pinterest. Now I know that we can “PIN” it. Nice share. I am still new to this platform so I always find posts about Pinterest very revealing. I found this post shared on Kingged.com, the Internet marketing content aggregator site, and I “kingged” it and left this comment.

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    • Adesanmi Adedotun

      Dec 18. 2013

      Hi Metz,

      Pinterest is an interest platform for everybody most especially image lovers, however hanging out with pinterest will be of more benefit and will be more beneficial for you in terms of traffic and meeting professionals in your niche when you follow the right board.
      Adesanmi Adedotun recently posted…How do you start blogging?My Profile

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  8. Dec 17. 2013


    Pinterest is really great platform for bloggers and for all other users. But finding great content for pinterest is important, and I really don’t know that we can find the content from other social networks as listed.

    Thanks for sharing
    Samir recently posted…My Profile

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  9. Dec 17. 2013

    I am just getting into using Pinterest so this article is very helpful. Great article and blog!

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  10. Dec 17. 2013

    I agree with you, Pinterest is a great way to find images for Pinterest. I have started to follow a few boards which upload great images.

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  11. Dec 17. 2013

    Hello Adesanmi,

    its really nice tips i am always share my latest post with my visitors and i really don’t know much about pinterest i just only know pinterest is giving dofollow links maybe my friend told me this. But after reading your article little bit i know about all network and how to use for our profit thank you so much for sharing your lovely article .
    Nikhil Gautam recently posted…My Profile

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  12. Dec 18. 2013

    Pinterest is definitely becoming another social media leader. Images are a compelling way to attract attention, especially if your business is visual such as a photographer or artist.

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    • Adesanmi Adedotun

      Dec 20. 2013

      Hi Cote,
      That convey the message Cote, effective use of Pinterest for website that deals with images like photographic design will boost the blog/website traffic in folds, Pinterest is definitely the best source of traffic for such a blog because of it creativity.
      Adesanmi Adedotun recently posted…6 reasons why Pinterest is for marketersMy Profile

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  13. Dec 18. 2013

    Through this post, I came to know about some new tools like Blekko,Blundr,Paper.li etc. You are doing a great job Adesanmi. I am a regular visitor of your blog.
    Ravi Kumar recently posted…My Profile

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  14. Dec 18. 2013

    Nice Post Adesanmi :-) Pin interest is great way to get targeted blog traffic. I think this post will help to enhance our pin interest presence.
    JITHU M recently posted…My Profile

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  15. Dec 18. 2013

    Hi brother !
    I always ignored pinterest but after reading this post i think Pinterest has lot many things to offer than Pins.I would try out the tools that i didn’t know about . Thanks for sharing the info
    Pramod recently posted…My Profile

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  16. Dec 19. 2013

    Hello Adedotun,
    I am new to pinterest so, after reading this post I got much more ideas. Enjoyed reading your post.
    Thanks for sharing this post.
    niraj bhusal recently posted…My Profile

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  17. Dec 30. 2013

    Great and helpful post Adesanmi. Found this on getblogtraffic. Pinterest has been one of my top traffic sources since I began my blog/s. Though it is quite easy to divert traffic from Pinterest to your blog, not everyone knows the trick of using the right images to share there. This post will definitely help other bloggers.
    Kavita Shaikh recently posted…My Profile

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    • Adesanmi Adedotun

      Dec 31. 2013

      Hi Shaikh,

      Ofcourse yes, not all that uses Pinterest understood the clue needed to channel traffic to their blog from the image search engine, however, with this post, I believe driving quality traffic to their blogs should be a new resolution. Happy new year in advance

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  18. Dec 30. 2013

    Hi brother,,
    How are you..? It has been long time commenting on your blog.. I visited from getblogtraffic.net blogging community. You have done good job by helping us to find great content using pinterest. have a blessed day and Happy new year…
    Tharun recently posted…My Profile

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