8 Top Microsoft Words App For Android

Microsoft words app on mobile is a must have app for all Android user if the truth must be said. Taking a global look at the rate Android is dominating the mobile world, it’s no longer a gain saying that Android is the best mobile brand for now; as a matter of fact in the 21st century. The world of mobile is growing at the speed of light and so also, the rate in which mobile users are deviating from computer is as well not static.

In the recent time, virtually the entire activities you can perform on PC can as well be carried out on Android, and that is to tell you the extent at which mobile is going. Some of the great development in terms of mobile is the ability to write, edit and modify Microsoft document on mobile using Microsoft words app for your device brand. Like the mission of this post is to share with you top 10 Microsoft words app for Android user and that is simply telling you that with at least one of this app, you will be able to write, edit and modify any document on your Android.

Sampling the total number of Microsoft words app for Android, you will discover there are tens of hundreds of them and getting to know which one will be the best or suit you better may be time consuming; and in this wise, the author here in this article has keenly taken the surveyor as to know which Microsoft words app you can use on your Android to free you from the stress of doing the job yourself.

Most of the MSWord app for Android to be discussed here will be free so that you will not be confused on what to do to get your desired MSWord app for Android. Now, let head straight to the list of the top 10 MSWord app for Android.

Microsoft Office Mobile

Although this doesn’t come on time to Android device but it has finally arrived on Android. Using Microsoft office mobile as your choice has so many benefits starting from the ability to edit any document, create PowerPoint presentation and ability to make use of excel package on your device. The Microsoft office mobile can be referred to multi-task MSWord app for Android.

Google Drive

Google drive is a popular app from Google with storage administration. Some called the Google drive Google document but cetrisparibus, with it; you will be able to create a word document, edit word document and alter any content archive.

Kingsoft Office

Just like the aforementioned ones, kingsoft offers the chance to create, edit and offering of archive of any document. Using Kingsoft, you will be grant the chance to open, edit and offer any document previously made in Microsoft all for free. With this app, you can easily back up / save you document straight to your drop box account.


I think this is my favourite when it comes to converting image to PDF.  Aside the fact that you can easily use this app to convert image to pdf file format, you also have the chance of importing office documents by changing over the photograph into PDF position. One of the most cherished features of this app is the clump mode which can be used for paging and as well taking the photograph of each page which immediate get auto-edited.

Smart Office

Likewise accessible in variants for ios and Symbian gadgets, Smart Office has a substantial concentrate on client interface gorgeous sight. The suite’s center piece is a page-flipping gimmick that shows thumbnails of the pages of your content archive (or sheets of your spreadsheet) masterminded in a merry go round style show like the way iTunes shows collection blankets.

Alongside getting to your Google Docs records, Smart Office is the second Android office suite in this gathering that gives you a chance to load reports from your Dropbox account straightforwardly into Smart Office. You twofold tap on the content or realistic, and it gets to be highlighted. A toolbar opens along the base of the screen and gives you a chance to cut, duplicate and glue. To drag and move the content or picture to an alternate range in your record, you tap and drag a hand symbol, which is fastened to the edge highlighting the content or picture. No other office suite in these gathering peculiarities such a productive intends to move protests in reports

Quick Office Pro

This is a suit alternative for Microsoft Office Mobile that seems effortless in opening a MSWord document without any itch. Toss any sort of archive sort at it and the chances are it’ll open it and permit you to tinker with it. It’s additionally amazingly simple to plunge in and make brisk alters to records.

Documents To Go

Documents To Go is an alternate application with tolerable word transforming audits. Here is an application that provides for you get to your Word, Powerpoint, and Excel 2010 and 2007 records, and also the capacity to make new documents and preparation. Archives To Go offers far reaching designing choices, including bulleted records, styles, Undo and Redo, and word check. For cutting edge gimmicks, for example, spell check (yes – they consider this progressed), you do need to buy the full software.

Think free Office

Not at all like alternate suites in this gathering, is this one accessible just for Android cell phones. The application has several favourable circumstances over some of its rivals. Thinkfree Mobile cannot just get to records in your Google Docs account, yet Hancom raises the stakes by additionally providing for you a free 2gb of distributed storage. Thinkfree Mobile’s champion peculiarity is the way it handles the production of pictures. It has a drawing instrument, which gives you a chance to outline generous. Thinkfree gives you a chance to bring a photograph with your cell phone’s Polaroid, yet its the main suite in this gathering that gives you a chance to utilize it within each of the three of its fundamental applications – you can embed the picture into a content archive, spreadsheet or presentation slide. Thinkfree Office Mobile 4.1 offers a solid list of capabilities and a decently planned client interface. It’s a particularly solid decision on the off chance that you want to utilize your Android cell phone to assemble presentation slide shows.

Do you make use of any other Microsoft Words app for Android on you device, kindly share it with us!

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