7 tricks to reduce blog loading time

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Blog loading time is one of the most important factor in blog SEO, reducing blog bounce rate, and attracting visitors to our blog, it is however compulsory for all blogger to monitor their blog loading time properly. Blog loading time is an important factor every active blogger should take note as to whether this can contribute to blog rank on Google search engine.

How to reduce blog loading time 7 tricks to reduce blog loading time

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As a matter of fact, blog visitors don’t really love blog that does not load fast as it can, as this may prompt them to stay away from such blog and decide to visit other website that have a responsive loading time.

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Despite the fact that reducing is not easy for a newbie webmasters, yet there is possibility to boost it if the need the rises as this contribute immensely to our blog success.

Below are 7 simple tricks that will help you to reduce your blog loading time. To achieve a fast loading blog/website, the following points must be avoided to the fullest otherwise; reducing our blog loading time can be so stressful or even not possible if we lack the necessary information but with all these you are good to go with a responsive blog.

1. JavaScript: Although JavaScript is very important but it must be wisely used. Excess JavaScript reduce the loading of a blog/website. Adding many script to our blog will not increase our blog loading time, only reasonable script such as Facebook fan page, twitter follower, and probably Google + will be okay to enhance a fast loading blog.

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2. Avoid too much widget: This is so much important to bloggers most especially when it comes to adding social media widget to grow our blog audience. All irrelevant blog widget must be removed to increase our blog loading time.

3. Image: For the facts that images speak more than what a thousand can say, excessive use of image in our blog will reduce our blog loading time. Two to three images per post is okay so as to maximize our blog loading time for effective responds of our blog.

4. Background image: It is a wise decision for not using an image as a background on our blog, and if however there is any background image on your blog, please endeavour to remove it so as to increase our blog loading time.

5. Using limited advertisement: Don’t because of the fact that you want to make more money and flood your blog with series of advertisement, I notice that many blogger have more than two to three advertisers on their blog except personal ads space they intend selling, this will definitely reducing the loading time of  their blog. Do note that almost all advertisement will require you to add JavaScript code to your blog and excessive use may reduce your blog loading time.

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6. Read more: Afford to make use of your blog read more to avoid your blog from been clustered together. Read more will enable your blog to look neat, and reduce the blog loading time. Making use of the read more option on your blog will enables you to show only the summary part of your blog on your blog homepage and this will reduce your blog loading time.

7. Limited homepage post: Enabling limited number of post on your blog homepage like 6-7 will increase your blog loading time. To make your blog more attractive to your blog readers, you must not cluster your blog home page will too much blog post. To customize the total number of post to be shown on your blog click on your blog dashboard, click on settings and click on post and comment on the sub-menu below blog setting and enter the total number of post you want to show on your blog homepage and click save.

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Over to you: These are awesome tricks you can use to reduce your blog loading time as a blogger, please if there is another means you think is also a better way to reduce your blog loading time, please do share it with us in the comment box.

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