7 Tips for Affiliate marketing for Beginners

affiliate marketing 7 Tips for Affiliate marketing for BeginnersAffiliate marketing is one of the most reliable ways to earn living online if done in a proper way. Making money from affiliate program is indeed a hard model for beginners that do not possess much trust from his audience. But affiliate marketing is one of the biggest sources of generating huge amount of money online.Must Read: How to drive free traffic to your blog

As a matter of fact, the key to successful earning as an affiliate marketer is your blog audience unlike other means of making money online where you are only paid for either the impression generated from your blog or numbers of click generated, but in affiliate, you are only paid when a sale is made or whenever an action is being performed depending on the criteria or need of the product advertiser, all you have to know before starting affiliate marketing is that an action must be performed before you can be paid or earn a commission.

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Now that you know what affiliate marketing is all about and how to prepare your mind about earning from affiliate marketing, here are 7 tips you need to understand before jumping into affiliate marketing.

  1. Identify your audience:  The most reliable and successful way to earning from affiliate marketing is to know your blog readers. Major thing that you need to put into consideration about your blog audience before starting any affiliate marketing is the major reason why they do visit your blog, what you provide on your blog that really helped/inspired them, and probably they keyword that brought them to your blog. For instance, if you are a blogger on blogging tips, then don’t try to promote affiliate on electric appliance or dull bell, reason being your blog readers are not really interested on what you are promoting but when you promote blogging tips affiliate programme, chances are that for you to make more sales since you audience are fully interested in blogging tips unlike unrelated programs.
  2. Trustworthy: Note that your readers are cunny; they can easy point out your affiliate link in a post. Don’ be too smart about what you are promoting, write the exact thing you know about the product, be sincere with what you promote, tell them the truth and if possible write about it deficiency as this will proof to your readers that they are likely to encounter such negativity about the product if they finally make up their mind to purchase the product and this will make you scam free when they finally purchase the product an encounter such difficulty. The only way to make more earning from your affiliate product is trustworthiness that will enables your blog audience to recommend your blog in future.
  3. Transparency: Always reveal your affiliation to your blog audience, being honest takes nothing from you and your audience will indeed appreciate your honesty and sincerity. Do note that, it takes nothing from your audience whom you are expecting to click on your affiliate links for you to make more sale to bypass and go directly to the product advertiser or vendor and make their purchase instead of purchasing the same product via your link, yet the same product will be purchase, so your transparency can earn you more credits in your affiliating program.
  4. Be selective: Don’t be in a hurry in promoting any product, take your time to go through the available programs or product and select the best one that best describe the service you render on your blog or your blog audience needs. Don’t concentrate on only on ads or products; try different products, graphic, and probably links to know the one that are most likely to be effective and profitable. Although it may take some quality time before you will arrive at a definite formula but it’ll surely work if done with attention.
  5. Try more than one program: Different affiliate programs with different working strategy. All affiliate program does not work the way, in case you try one and it doesn’t work fine for you; try another one until you are satisfied with what you are doing. Some programs doesn’t pay instantly even when you make quality sales, some have high pay-out while some need buyers feedback before they can release you commission, notwithstanding, try different program and go for the one that best suites you and stick to it.
  6. Stay updated: Stay relevant to your chosen program and keep yourself up to date about the latest program like new ads, new advertisers, and other relevant tools to improve your earning as an affiliate marketer. If you don’t want to be left in the air, your readers must not lack what they really deserve from as a chronic blogger. The most important thing you need to take note is monitoring your advertisers thread to keep yourself up to date and be equipped with latest news about any product that can be of any benefits to your blog audience..
  7. Be patient: Affiliate revenue does not grow overnight, either you work tirelessly or not on affiliate program you are promoting, you need to exercise patient before you can starting generating revenue. There are some programs that offers lifetime pay-out, meaning that even after some months or year you can still make more sales as long as you referring link is valid. Affiliate program is not getting rich quick scheme that happens overnight, promote your desire product and give it time to grow wings in the world of marketing.

Affiliate program revenue does not come overnight but when properly done with patient you can make huge money from it in future but hardly will you begin to skyrocket affiliating world without building your blog and its audience on quality and helpful content.


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  1. Feb 07. 2014

    Affiliate marketing is something one can’t underestimate. Affiliate marketing is earning me a three figure income and it is something I enjoy doing than blogging now.
    Emmanuel recently posted…My Profile

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  2. Feb 07. 2014

    Sure, affiliate income does not come overnight. A lot of hard work is required. More so, successful affiliate marketers are those that offer value in services or products which the customer eventually reward by buying.

    The seven tips discussed above show that affiliate marketing is a business that require the creation of value, trust, and credibility. A good share, I must comment!

    I have also shared this comment in the content syndication and social bookmarking and networking website for Internet marketers – kingged.com, where this article was found.

    Sunday – contributor for kingged.com

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  3. Feb 07. 2014

    Really for beginners. I found it well-written and clear. Not the critical explanation that others do for beginners.

    You have shared some important points here and great takeaways that needs to keep in mind by all affiliate marketers.

    The numbers or topics shared there were powerful, trust, transparency, audience, identifying, program, patience and being updated.

    I found this post shared on Kingged.com, the Internet marketing social bookmarking site, and I “kingged” it and left this comment.

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