5 best apps for iPhone 5s’ M7 motion co-processor

The best part of iPhone 5s feature that attract attention most is the M7 motion co-processor. The major assignment of the M7 motion co-processor is to track all the motion of the device at all time.

The M7 is not different from other apps that are worthy of taking the advantages, despite the fact that M7 is new in the tech industry, many apps manufactures or developers have really taken the advantage of the M7 motion co-processor.

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However, below are the best 5 apps for iPhone 5s for your iPhone 5s, some of these apps are free why some are not.

Strava Run: Talking about the best and most fitness apps for M7, here comes strava run: Just like the normal GPS maps app, and when running some data/stats such as the distance covered, the height attained, the wide or pace created, Strava run give it element inform of a game to keep you moving and its leaderboard will definitely get you motivated.

The M7 leaderboard help users to monitor their activities, set a priority activity, and monitor how you can hang out with friends. Strava run is a free app, but it offers apps premium features but there is still premium available for if you really need to go for better monitoring of your device ranging from stats, the advance segment effort comparison and score calculation as well.

M7 pedometer steps:  This app offer user the chance of viewing all the steps taking on a chart with a very nice and simple graph. As the name sound, pedometer as if the name was not huge enough, pedometer was created to make sure M7′s data are made available in a way that it will be so much easy to view in any format mot especially in a visual format.

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Pedometer ++:  As the name implies, it was created to make use of the M7, although pedometer ++ was not in existence before Apple company announced the new co-processor coupled with it drawback features, which make it more apparent. The number one great benefit of this app is that it has the ability to track all users’ steps/activities per day.

Second thing to note about pedometer is the underground recording ability which enables it to take the advantages of the data without launching the app. Therefore, as soon as you have this app on your iPhone, just open the app to see all you daily steps. One more thing you need to know about pedometer is that it make use of iOS’s user notification to show all your steps/movement on your device screen, right-hand side of your device to be precise.

WeatherRun (paid): Talking about fitness tracker, WeatherRun is the best and right app, this app does not only record users walk, runs and probably cycle rather, and it also records user performance under different weather condition. Talking about weather report, WeatherRun is capable of doing the job perfectly such as recording the altitude, humidity, temperature and probably the body exercise that users’ passed or went through.

Argus (paid): The level of Argus keep improving day-by-day, although this app has been around for a while now but it keep improving every day, and the great thing about it is that it support M7co-processor, just like Strava Run, Argus is able to track your normal daily steps and also, it’s able to detect GPS mapping, also monitor users’ sleep.

Conclusion: What you need to know about M7 is that your device data security is it topmost priority but for the apps listed above to be able to work effectively with your device; you need to permit their access on the first launch.

Image source: Google.com

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  1. Nov 05. 2013

    Hi mate !
    All these apps are interesting ,unique and worth to be tried out . Thanks for sharing the information with us.

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  2. Nov 08. 2013

    I am a great fan of apps and that is why I talk about it all the time. I agree with you these are the best and top 5 app for iPhone 5s M7. I have enjoyed going through your post. ~ Anetta
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  3. Nov 08. 2013

    Hello Adesanmi Adedotun,

    The post is really helpful and informative, and to be honest i haven’t heard any of them yet.

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  4. Nov 13. 2013


    WeatherRun (paid) is a great app with awesome features like knowing the current weather with accurate values. The rest of the apps are also great.

    Sohail recently posted…My Profile

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  5. Nov 15. 2013

    Wonderful collection of best apps, i was searching for the best apps over the web and i found thousands of apps which i haven’t installed. The above listed apps are really great. i must use them soon enough.

    thanks for sharing.
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  6. Nov 22. 2013

    Thanks for pointing these out, I’m trying Argus and Pedometer now.
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