4 Ways to Blog From Mobile Device

Blogging from mobile 4 Ways to Blog From Mobile DeviceI guess you want to blog why on mobile? Or better still, do you want to start publishing right from your mobile phone? Anyway, you will definitely want to learn a new way to start blogging from your mobile and in this article I’m going to show you how to start blogging or starting a new blog using your mobile phone.

Is Blogging from Mobile Device Necessary?

The fact is, building enormous blog right on your mobile phone is not the point of concentration and that is not possible anyway but the blatant fact is once you have built your blog using pc with the right platform like WordPress; posting, promoting, engaging your readers, responding to comments may not necessarily required PC.

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Come to think of it, many uses mobile device of different kind to access the web this day and that is why it’s often encouraged by most search engines to make sure your blog is mobile friendly.

Thank God for WordPress platform, since WordPress update its script from 3.1 and above, customizing WordPress theme now become easier than ever with some special interest on standardising the post.

Writing post that goes viral even in the absence of SEO with minimum of 400 words is not new in blogosphere but the fact is uniqueness is far better, the number of your post words doesn’t really matter as long as it’s a unique and quality content that provide solution to readers problem, chances are that for you to rank high in search engine.

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The motive of this post is to reveal to you that bloggers are no longer tied to the back of their laptop or desktop before they can hit the publish button on their blog dashboard. And below are what you really need to start blogging from your mobile devices.

Mobile Blogging Applications: Talking about the world of the mobile devices, one or more of it apps like “Evernote” calls for a lot of attention. And with that, am going to share with you three great mobile apps that support blogging from your mobile device.

: This is my favourite WordPress for iOS apps despite the fact that WordPress still has about 5 additional mobile apps that are good for blogging just because of its ability to show your blog dashboard like you are operating on your desktop or pc and as such, it gives you the chance to do all sort of blogging from your mobile like publishing the normal text, uploading both videos and images. But the only part of this app that turns me weary is the HTML and the formatting TEXT and that is to save you from racking your brain.

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 : The better part of this app lies on when blogging on an event and it does bring a kind of blogging live chat right on your mobile as if it were embedded.

: Monitoring your blog traffic most especially from Google with Google Analytics, I will advise you go for this mobile blogging app as it make it very easy to monitor your blog traffic right from on your mobile device. However, the real fact may be that you need not all these apps to blog on mobile only. Continue

Blogging from mobile using Email: I guess you will want to make publishing from your Email directly to your blog as favourite blogging method right? Operating on WordPress gives you this chance, with some reasonable tweaks on your admin settings, directly to your blog is obvious. WordPress itself will give you a unique Email address which must be kept secretive to avoid your blog been spammed. And when it comes to publishing, just as if you are operating on a normal Email, your post title goes to subject and the real post on the allotted text space. As soon as you hit the send button, you should be expecting your post on your blog immediately it connects with your blog web server.

Blogging with Flickr photo: Blogging from mobile with mobile apps and directly from Email can be full of fun but when it comes to adding images, it is indeed a great task that often lead to compromising the initial thought. Flickr is a handy photo portfolio that allows you to leave no stone on turn while using Email and apps as your favoruite blogging method.

Video Blogging through Mobile: All appreciation goes to WordPress blogging platform, it is known by almost all bloggers that video blogging through mobile is not easy at all as it takes a lot of time to processing videos, despite the fact that WordPress app allow users to upload video directly from their phone, but the hiding fact about this is; do you ever believed that WordPress also allow users to video blogging through mobile following the method below?

i. Following iPhone default sharing gallery, you can upload videos from your mobile gallery to your online video channel

ii. Copy and paste the video channel URL after publish on your blog post or the aftermath post.

In conclusion and as a matter of fact, you can build a successful blog from your mobile device using this method after you might have created it on your desktop or laptop.

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Adesanmi Adedotun is a part-time blogger who lives in Nigeria and Nigerian by birth, a chronic Mathematician as a profession. Am a typical fan of 9ice (Adigun Alapomeji) when it comes to Nigerian traditional singers. You can add me on Facebook . You can follow my UPDATE on Facebook | Twitter and on Google plus


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  1. Jan 08. 2014

    Hi, Adesanmi,
    The smart phones are replacing PCs with speedy. So, we can avoid these phones as well as if we have smart phones we don’t need to rush over our PC for blogging.
    In other words, blogging from mobile device has become an integral part of blogging.

    The Apps what you have shared are really helps us in blogging through mobile devices.
    Thank you very much for sharing these.
    Have a great day ahead. :)
    Kumar Chandan recently posted…My Profile

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    • Adesanmi Adedotun

      Jan 11. 2014

      Hi Kumar,

      Definitely yes Kumar, placing PC over mobile in the world of blogging this day is a scrap and it doesn’t count at all. I know of a friend who update his education blog on a daily basis with a non-smartphone, so blogging is becoming more easier than before with the help of mobile devices.
      Adesanmi Adedotun recently posted…Who is a blogger? Are bloggers farmers?My Profile

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  2. Jan 08. 2014

    And at one moment somebody would write a huge post on his device and somebody will call and no post … how much people like this will be..

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    • Adesanmi Adedotun

      Jan 11. 2014

      Hi Vova,

      It’s possible mate but is such a case, it is advisable to write your post on your phone note if your are using app and then copy and past when you are through with it to safe much of your time, if however, you are publishing right from your Email, I believe you have no cause for alarm.
      Adesanmi Adedotun recently posted…Top 5 Blog Engage Group you must JoinMy Profile

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  3. Jan 09. 2014

    Hi Adesanmi !
    This is an excellent article for wordpress bloggers who frequently travel . As they can’t carry their computers every where they go , they can make use of the wordpress app that makes blogging through mobile platform easy .
    Pramod recently posted…My Profile

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  4. Jan 09. 2014

    Blogging through mobile is something I have tried as well once. Thanks for sharing with us those applications.
    Emmanuel recently posted…My Profile

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  5. Jan 11. 2014

    This is an admirable article for wordpress bloggers moreover As they can’t carry their computers every where..however,smartphone competitions are now a days very outstanding with cheap rate launching,tries to drive maximum outcome for these bloggers to promote traffics.
    Aishwarya recently posted…My Profile

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  6. Jan 11. 2014

    As I remember, blogging with WordPress through a mobile device is a lot easier than using a personal computer or laptop. But I will not agree, PC is way more comfortable.

    But then, this step by step guide you have here is helpful and informative. Using their mobile phones, they can publish a new post in an easy step.

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    • Adesanmi Adedotun

      Jan 12. 2014

      Hi Metz,

      The fact that PC is more comfortable cannot be disputed or over-emphasized but the fact is, not everybody can afford a PC but with the help of the current mobile level, it’ll be wiser if one make use of mobile instead of waiting patiently for PC.
      Adesanmi Adedotun recently posted…Key benefits of wordpress platformMy Profile

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  7. Jan 11. 2014

    Thanks for this article, it will be very useful for travel bloggers who needs to blog with their mobile.
    frank joseph recently posted…My Profile

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  8. Jan 12. 2014

    Thank You ADESANMI ADEDOTUN For This Information because every time i can’t handle my blog that’s why i am purchase new phone Micromax Canvas Doodle A240 Just For Do Blogging Fast And your This Article Is Really Great And Helpful For Me.
    Akhil Swatantra recently posted…My Profile

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  9. Jan 12. 2014

    Thanks for sharing this Ade,

    About 50% of my blogging task are usually done on my HTC sensation z710e Android mobile. I write my post on it, save as draft upload to main site for adding images, proof reading and finally, hitting the publish button.
    Moderating comments, social media marketing etc are done on mobile.
    Thanks for sharing.
    Shamsudeen recently posted…My Profile

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  10. Jan 12. 2014

    Adesanmi, I would love to blog from my mobile and didn’t realize about the email option. I once did from my mobile and hit publish by mistake instead of draft. Oops! That was the last time I tried it:) The buttons can be much smaller to read on mobile. I really like the options you have provided us, thank you! I may try it again!
    Lisa recently posted…My Profile

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  11. Jan 12. 2014

    It’s possible mate but is such a case, it is advisable to write your post on your phone note if your are using app and then copy and past when you are through with it to safe much of your time, if however, you are publishing right from your Email, I believe you have no cause for alarm.

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    • Adesanmi Adedotun

      Jan 17. 2014

      Hi Resort,

      No more no less, you have said it all… Nobody is an highland of knowledge and nobody is perfect enough to bypass mistakes often, following this point of your will make blogging from mobile very easy and without any mistake.
      Adesanmi Adedotun recently posted…Taxi drivers are traffic driversMy Profile

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  12. Jan 13. 2014

    Blogging is such a wonderful way to Build high quality & powerful links. So Adesanmi Adedotun, I do see your great work in this post as you shared with us. These really such a wonderful :)
    Maneesha Malhotra recently posted…My Profile

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  13. Jan 13. 2014

    i totally agree with the writer that social media can get active from anywhere in the world and post can be shared globally even by sitting in the bathroom, lol.
    blogs act as the most important agent for interaction.

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  14. Jan 13. 2014

    I think it always depends on the blogger and how the blogger creates the content. I think the biggest issue with mobile blogging I have is the size of the screen. I like big screens and therefore prefer to do my blogging from my laptop.

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  15. Jan 15. 2014

    Hi Admin,
    Blogging is wonderful platforum to get & Build quality links & Some Bloggers also works for Blogging on cell phone So I do think yes Blogging is Necessary for Mobile.
    Maneesha Malhotra recently posted…My Profile

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  16. Jan 22. 2014

    Hello Ade,

    Blogging on the go these days is so crucial that no blogger should underestimate it’s unique power. For most bloggers who live in countries where power is still a challenge, mobile devices, apart from being convenient and handy, also tend to hold power longer.

    I use a special App called Blogsy on my iPad. With blogsy, you can virtually achieve anything: from regular blogging, to uploading photos to scheduling your posts.

    And guess what? My iPad returns 12 solid hours of battery life!

    Akaahan Terungwa recently posted…My Profile

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  17. Jan 22. 2014

    Hello I follow this site constantly and would like to tell you that you are gorgeous in blogging and we hope more

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