3 secret successful bloggers will never tell you!

01 3 secret successful bloggers will never tell you!

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Before anything, I will like to sound this as a warning if you want to make blogging a living source of income, that; there are thousands of blogging tips from successful bloggers but the one am about to share with you will either organize or disorganize your thought and body system.

You need to be very selective in choosing a guardian or online mentor because there are series of bloggers or internet marketer online that proof to be professional but they will never teach you the blogging rudiment.
Quote “Some blogging tips will either mar or make you”!
1. When they teach you, they keep the key point:  Does this make sense at all? Just ponder a while before you answer YES OR NO. It good to have a mentor in blog-o-sphere but what  if a veteran blogger suddenly call your attention to something  that needs to be done by you, do you think they will tell the real secret of telling you that?
Lol, if they did reveal to you, automatically you will be competing with them and one great law from the 48 laws of power says “Don’t outshine your master”, and when you compete with them what are you trying to do? And that is what internet marketers refer to as trading secret which is personal strategies in growing their businesses.
2. The real key is multiple incomes: I believe this is right? Please let me tell you that; there are countless number of blogging tips that are available online, both the one you receive in your mail box or read should not be put into action always for the sake of making money online, if however you must make use of them, follow this strategy on a different market. What am saying here is that, you can use the strategy based on your own understanding instead of following what you read accordingly.
3. Blogging guide is only the beginning: I believe this point is exact! You can spend $xxx on blogging guide to tell you the hidden treasure in blogging and guide you for a start but I must tell you that, that is just the beginning or starting point as the case may be and at the end, the need to get blogging moving will have to be the next step. So after this, you need to keep your eye on some successful blogger on how they make money and read their update constantly and don’t be surprise about what you read about them.
Conclusion: Here I gave you the simple trick successful bloggers make use to pull some reasonable amount of money into their bank account, and you too can make use of these tips to pull some cash into your bank account as well.


  1. successful bloggers use catchy titles like this one :D, or how to make 1200$ monthly blogging etc …,
    in my own personal conclusion it's just marketing strategies they never share real worthy information.

    I believe the number one secret that successful bloggers will never tell you should be:
    "They all need each other"
    You need other people to be successful, networking in my opinion is the single most important aspect of being successful online, specially as a blogger, you need friends to help market you, whether it be through social media, word of mouth, by email, or guest posting, you need to enlarge your circle.
    Many thanks.
    Best wishes!
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  2. Hmm, I quite agree with you on every point here. However, it is not really because they fear your competition that those experts want to hide somethings from you it is about you coming back for more! They know that way you can keep coming for more and then if they have something to sell to you, you will be more willing to buy :)
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  3. Hi Mitch,

    You are welcome to adetechblog, using catchy keyword that attracts visitor with quality content on our blog makes every blogger a successful blogger.
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  4. Hi Chadrack,

    Yes, you are right my co-blogger, and that is the more reason why they keep the hidden secret behind their online success, and it''s often regard to as marketing strategies..
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  5. Hi Adesanmi,

    Interesting points. I believe that there are a lot of great tips that we can learn. The problem is, there is too much information to focus on. What to believe? What not to believe?

    I think the secret to success is ONGOING learning. Get the basics right. Learn while we blog and follow leaders who have already had the results that we desire. Success can be learned but certainly not over-night.

    Thanks, Adesanmi.

    Viola Tam – The Business Mum
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  6. Honestly, you know lie ooo. i was a victim of this, because when i knew about blogging i wasn”t told how to do some particular things. Thanks for this wonderful information.


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