Root Tecno R7 Following Simple Steps Without Computer

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iPhone 6 to be Released September this Year

With just 9 month of iPhone 5s form Apple, iPhone 6 is now around the corner looming to replace the old iPhone 5S! The rumour is just everywhere that iPhone 6 will be officially released by September/October this year (2014), according to the rumour everywhere on the internet; we learnt that Apple … [Read more...]

List of Tecno Phones Android from Tecno Mobile

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How to buy Voucher online Using ATM Card

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9+1 Reason Why You Will Buy Nokia X2 Android

Microsoft the prime owner of Nokia has revealed the new generation of another Nokia Android "Nokia X2". The newly released Nokia X2 came immediately after the release of Nokia X Android with dual SIM which will be made available globally after which the selected country will be known. Nonetheless, … [Read more...]

Why You Need to Buy Nokia XL Android

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How to Use MTN Night Data Bundle During The Day for Free

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Why Tecno R7 is the Best Tecno You Should Buy

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