5 Arsenal tools to determine online goal

Goal 1 5 Arsenal tools to determine online goal

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The best word I love most is goal setting, and in success in general is “Clarity”. There is virtually a closed relationship about your blogging goal, how to achieve the goal and literarily everything you want to accomplish in the community. Successful bloggers invest the necessary time to develop clarity about their blog, and what THEY really want such as blueprint detail for building a better blog. Many bloggers threw themselves into the community like someone chasing a passing car, and never wonder why they never accomplish anything to keep their blogging worthwhile.

According to Harry David Thoreasu once said “Have you built your castle in the air? Good. Is that where it supposed to be built? No! Work and build a better foundation for your blog.

Below are some ways you can crystallize your blogging vision, and value in order to determine your blogging and online goal

1. Make your goals personal: Burning desires are absolutely important to overcome some blogging obstacles and achieve a great goal. Your blogging or online desire can only be made intense if and only if (iff) your blogging and online goals are purely personal. What am saying in essence is choose your personal goal and don’t let any choose for you, though it is good to have a monitor in blogosphere. In choosing your goal, you can just include some selfish act for the purpose of effectiveness and this does not mean others should not be considered. Setting a personal goals need to start with yourself and work hard to accomplish them.

Goal 2 5 Arsenal tools to determine online goal

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2. Ask yourself a great question: This is what really triggered me to do more whenever I felt bored and don’t feel like doing anything. “What do you really want to accomplish in blog-o-sphere as a blogger or an online marketer?” If you can give a vibrant answer to this question, I think you are good to go. In determining your blogging and online goal; you should ponder over this question over and over so that you will be able to monitor your blogging and online vision, values and ideals.
But do note that when you start, you are likely to feel fantasies, and even detached from reality but you just have to make your goals concrete like building your dream mission on a cardboard.

Determine what you really want in blogosphere as an online marketer

To start with, your general goal must be the first thing and then move to your specific; now how do you decide you really want?

What are the most important goals you ever set in your journey to this great world?

What are the influences of people around you to achieving your set goal?

3. Provide solution to your major worries: The flip side of the abhor headline goes thus; what and what are the greatest thing that gave worries in the community I belonged to? Identify what worries you most make research about and provide solution to them. To have a successful blogging career, you must find solution to what imitate or aggravate you must so that a proper solution will be provided

goal 0 5 Arsenal tools to determine online goal

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4. Develop a sense of urgency: Instead of using your imitative to judgle in blog-o-sphere, exploit more task by adding more task to what you are doing already. Am telling you with the sense of urgency, you can double whatever you have achieved so far in blogging community. Always look for the simplest and most precise way to get to where you want from where you are by going for solution for the fairest step toward your need and to crown it all, take action, get going and develop a sense of urgency to take action on time.

5. Magic world technique: In determining your blog goals, use this headline “Magic wind technique.” Using this techniques in blogosphere, you will enables you to have control over particular area of your career in blogging community and this will definitely make your dream / wishes comes true. Have magic wind over what you can do with your skill and abilities helps a lot in blogging.

Conclusion: The perfect different between winner are a loser is goal setting, many follows while limited leads; and this is as a result of goal, an achievable goal for that, setting a worthwhile and achievable goal as an online marketer and blogger will make you to stand out in the world of thousands competitors.


  1. Hello Adesanmi,

    You really know how to make use if captivating and eye-catching titles. You didn’t fail me either, the article is equally brilliant and well-written.

    I particularly like your point 3. It mixes well with what I wrote in one of my articles;

    “Lots of people are making money by building reputation and solving problems. Lawyers protect names from being tarnished, while psychiatrists help heal the troubled mind. Every day problems are being solved by different people. Some are giving solutions free. Others are selling them for a price. When a problem and solution meet, a relationship of trust is built between the two parties. If what you are offering as a blogger helps your visitor, he would always come back because a trust has been established. It doesn’t stop there, he informs his friends and they get their problems solved also.”

    The point is this; in as much as we set goals we must also not forget we can solve problems for others or be the problem for others. The former always works like a charm.

    Thanks for this great piece, friend.
    Have a great day!
    Nosa E Nosa recently posted…My Profile

    • Hi Prince Nosa,

      Am really happy to have you back on adetechblog with this epic summary of the third point. I personally believed in setting an achievable goals by setting priority in solving problems in what we are best at and this will make us a known problem solver with the use of our IQ. Thank you my boss…Thumb up sir!

  2. this is very useful information…. thanks for it…… every time i find very unique and important information on your website….
    pankaj sumbria recently posted…My Profile

    • Hi Pankaj,

      Thank you mate for finding this post informative, please do stay tune for our latest update

  3. It’s great post Adesanmi! I think the hardest part is to wait. Yes patience takes important role in online venture (moreover in the world of crowd competitors). Most bloggers fail because they don’t patience enough to wait until those goal achieved, they like to jump in many opportunities without focus on one chance and work hard for the result.
    Okto recently posted…My Profile

    • Hi Okto,

      Nice contribution blogger, I see waiting time as decision making time, decisions that were made while we are waiting often seems to be irrevocable and this often affect many bloggers when wrong decisions are been made against patience. Thanks for you contribution once again and am happy to have you here on adetechblog. Do have a blessed week.
      Adesanmi Adedotun recently posted…Keyword planner fathered Google Keyword tool.My Profile

  4. Hi mate !
    I agree with Okto as patience is what required to survive in the online world .If patience doesn’t work , they we should look for some inspiration .Anyways , thanks for sharing this post .

    Pramod recently posted…My Profile

  5. Hi Adesanmi,
    Life without goals is not life and same in blogging. If you want to achieve something in blogging then you should set your goals. And here you describe the best that how we can determine them. This helped me a lot when I read. All the point has same importance and we can’t neglect anyone them. Thanks for sharing them.
    Muhammad saleem recently posted…My Profile

    • Hi Saleem,

      I love goal setting, and not just goal but an achievable goal. Knowing what we want to achieve in our career will always keep us on our feet to prepare for what we think we are up-to. Thanks buddy for your contribution.
      Adesanmi Adedotun recently posted…Keyword planner fathered Google Keyword tool.My Profile

  6. I’m great fan of your blog. The language you used in your blog is very easy to understand. This post is very useful for all bloggers who are confused what to target.

    Abhishek Abh-i recently posted…My Profile

    • Hi Abhishek,

      Thank for being there for adetechblog, do stay tune for our update.

  7. Hi Adedotun,
    To be sincere with you, this is one post I read with lots of interest. Just like you, I also sometime do feel like quitting but the reason why I blog surpasses all those excuses which comes in mind!
    Emmanuel recently posted…My Profile

    • Hi Emmanuel,

      Am happy to have you around, I just believed that quitter never win and wins never quit. Let keep blogging and we’ll surely get there.

  8. Hi Adedotun,

    All of this rings so true to me but do you know why I love to blog and what I’m here to accomplish? I just love helping people. My headlines aren’t eye catching or intriguing, my posts aren’t geared for the search engines, I haven’t done a lot of research because I write about what I do and I just hope that what I share will help someone else as well.

    I think when you’re genuine in what you put out there too that people see that. We can all write about how to get more traffic or how to write better posts but when you show them through your own experiences something just rings so much more true that way. I know it does for me and it’s a lesson I learned and it’s been working beautifully ever since.

    Again, your points are all spot on and I hope everyone is as passionate about why they are here as I am.

    Adrienne recently posted…My Profile

    • Madam Adrienne,

      The number one reason why I love visiting your blog is nothing but your experience in the community, what you shares are triggered and thoroughly revealed the kind of personal you are to your blog readers. Speaking from the number one point which stated the “Make your goal personal”, that is real me and I decided to make that number just because when you are not personal in making decision on what you are going to do and how it should me done, the wind of the community one belongs to will definitely dictate what we are to do. I did follow all these squarely because setting my career goal need to be my personal decision and looking for a concrete way to achieving them. Thank you ma for stopping by.
      Adesanmi Adedotun recently posted…Blogging mistake you should avoidMy Profile

  9. Hi Adedotun,

    Great post…I also think that goal setting is extremely important. Internet marketing can be extremely difficult without it.

    I think having goals and understanding what you are working towards will help you succeed. If you don’t have a goal worth working towards, chances are most people will give up.

    Thanks for sharing this post, you made me realize why I have my goals set up.
    Susan Velez recently posted…My Profile

    • Hi Susan,

      Goal setting is the most important thing in life,most especially setting a goal that can be achieved within a limited time. Thanks for you comment Susan.

  10. hi Adesanmi ,
    I really appreciated your idea that the goals we set for ourselves should be purely ours.
    Many-a-times, we change our goal according to the people to which we are surrounded.
    This should never be done.
    yogesh pant recently posted…My Profile

    • Hi Pant,

      That is the number one reason why making our goal personal is very much important, when we personally determine what we want, and how to achieve them will give us a handy decision as to whether to follow the multitude or to stick to what we have decided before the time.

  11. I think having goals and understanding what you are working towards will help you succeed. If you don’t have a goal worth working towards, chances are most people will give up.
    amadsoleh recently posted…My Profile


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