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Being successful as a professional in Search engine optimization is not really an easy task, it is very wise and important that you constantly carry out a research on how blog SEO works. Before making any attempt to test any discovered SEO techniques, research must be carried out on it to see whether it worth using or not. To successfully understand the concept of SEO, the following can really be helpful.

 1. Learn as a beginner: Having a narrow focus will definitely help you to drive unstoppable traffic to your blog through search engine ranking. I personally believe that if your knowledge about SEO is not really professional, your blog can still be ranked high in search engines if your topic or niche is not competitive. Choose a topic that bloggers don’t really rush into and post constantly in close related to your blog keyword within the range of your blog niche.

2.  Consider the type of content you offer:  That is the more reason why some people engage in blog comment before they start blogging at all else only limited number of people are going visit your blog either the content are quality or not, so also is search engine because your blog is new. so it best to keep most of your great blog post for future when you have really gain ground from some readers and as well from search engine for quality traffic.
3. Blog vs ping:For blog to grow rapidly in blog-o-sphere, ping is really necessary. When an article is published on your blog, you need to tell the search engine that something new has happened in your blog, and that will let search engine knows that your blog should be index as soon as possible, and also telling your blog readers, RSS feed subscribes that you have a latest post published in your blog.
4. Press Release:This not offline press release but am talking about the online press release here, quick notice for your blog can be generates from this source. Feature your blog in online press release will also bring back some cool stuff to your blog like showcasing your blog via many sites and other relevant search engine outside the popular ones.
Conclusion:Keeping these point effective will definitely turns you from an idle blogger to an idol blogger and you will definitely enjoy the reward aftermath.
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