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Have you ever observed that some blogger received more visitors and page-view than you do even though when you know you are better than them in blogging?  And you may doubt that why should a fellow bloggers who is not as good as you do having a very high page-viewers and daily visitors than you do? The fact is that; to be great in blogging success, being good alone in what you are doing is not enough but having the knowledge that what you are doing is good. Human or researchers

researches with great instinct and perception, it is however not what they see but what they determine, think and as well taken action on.

Fortunately, there are lot of things that can be done to increase our blogging visibility and double the rate at which you move in blog-o-sphere, and below are the best 3 ways that work better after a concrete survey on how to gain visibility in blog-o-sphere.
 Determine what part of blogging niche you are good at, that are most aptly to be your visitors target and make a useful decision on how to become an expert in that area. Do note that you must be seen as being competent in that area and virtually, the future of your blogging career apparently depend on your competence. The perception about people toward you and your blog will either bring more visitors or reduce your blog visitors even beyond your imagination. If the perceptions of your co-blogger are great and excellent about you, definitely you will attract more visitors and page-viewers but if they have bad impression about you and your blog, automatically everything about your blog will end up capsizing… Becoming good and best at what you do is the foundation of your blogging strategy for gaining blogging visibility.
There are some element that go into the perception that others have about you, the most important perception is the image of your blog, right from the very first page to the very last end of the page, your blogging strategies, the way you make your blogging system appears, the way you channelize your blog post either daily, three times per week, and all the like makes you different in blog-o-sphere. If you don’t want your blog to get sucked in blog-o-sphere, what you do must be essential in order to contribute to the growing blogging community, Is either you control your blog or your blog controls you in this perspective. And once your blog controls you, nothing can be done other than to quit or remain stagnant in a certain position without improvement or without giving your visitors the assurance that you are capable in handling your blog niche.
Making this part of your blogging career will get you connected to the influential bloggers, start by making reasonable and long comment on the targeted blogger’s blog so that he/she will have to take his/her time to read through  your blog comment before he/she can easily responds and not to comment like a spammer until your activities is being notice and recognize as a loyal readers and visitors, if time permit, engage in guest blogging with such blog to gain pro-bloggers attention about your blogging activities, connect with then on social network like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Pinterest to create friendship outside blog-o-sphere and this will give you an impression whether such blogger can help when needed or not but I believe all bloggers are ready to help because they are problem solvers and this will increase your blog visibility to his or her fans.
CONCLUSION: Taking time to become an excellent blogger will do more in boosting your blog visibility and improve the chance of being noticed in the blogging community.
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Adesanmi Adedotun is a part-time blogger who lives in Nigeria and Nigerian by birth, a chronic Mathematician as a profession. Am a typical fan of 9ice (Adigun Alapomeji) when it comes to Nigerian traditional singers. You can add me on Facebook . You can follow my UPDATE on Facebook | Twitter and on Google plus


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  7. Your tips can definitely help anyone who is just getting started out with blogging. Most people think that they just have to set up a blog and make a post. Great information.
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    Thanks for this great contribution, blogging is more than just setting up a blog, most especially sustaining it is the main reason why bloggers need to consistence.
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  11. Another great way to speread the world about your organization is to present overviews and basic hiring information to career services professionals and faculty members during your visit to campus.
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  13. Hi, Adesanmi,
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  14. Hi Kumar,

    Thanks for your contribution. Gaining potential in blog-o-sphere is very important if really one need to grow wing.
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  15. You are a really good writing and i must say you are very visible in the blogosphere and when i mentioned you among the top ten fast rising nigeria bloggers, i wasn’t missing words.nice post boss
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  17. thanks for you pretty good tips. I was worried to use. Squidoo. But gathering more information on it. So thanks for remembering no to neglect squidoo.
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  18. Excellent tips here for everyone. Really appreciate you underlining the need to develop relationships within the community! :)
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    • Hi Ambika,

      The power of building a quality relationship with bloggers in blog-o-sphere cannot be silent as it plays an important role in our online career.Thanks for you visit and do have a lovely weekend!

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