Don’t think about money go for motivation!

motiva Dont think about money go for motivation!

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If you really believe that blogging is all about motivation then you are right and you have stumbled-Upon the real article that will reveal why you need to be motivated while choosing blogging either as part-time or full-time activities. This simple word “motivation” is the single reason behind my guest blogging almost in all dominated blog, and I don’t really care about publishing tens of article on my blog per week because I have come to realized that the number of article you published does not determine your blog exposure but what determines your exposure in blog-o-sphere is your quality contribution and ability to solve human

problem base on your knowledge and give people reasons why their problems must be solved. There are countless number of online journal, seminal, workshop etc. that mush have chipped in some reasons or points about motivation but today we are going to discuss about some sun-fire that reveal what motivation is all about.

1. EMPTINESS: Do you really know what emptiness is? Mind you am not talking about can, empty bowl, empty whatever; but the emptiness am talking is “DO YOU HAVE VISION” and what are the positive things you do always that can bring “FULFILMENT”  in you. This shouldn’t sound like alternative way of self -motivation, or bring what is not real to the real world, see through your heart, identify what you lack, find a way to learn it and reinstate your goal to keep moving.
2. TAKE THE TRACK SERIOUS: Don’t be tired, let go off perplexity in you, shun weakness, stand a chance to defeat lack of seriousness, tight seat belt and buckle up your belt to move at the speed of light so as to bring back the normal shape. When things happen, don’t think it’s the end of the way, don’t get pissed off, don’t follow colleague that are on fast track, do rely on what is achievable since getting self-motivation is not an easy task. Mingle with high calibre of friend, share your thought, listen to opinion, seek for personal experience and go back to the track if it requires you to start again, do it and you will get things going with ultimate seriousness you have gathered.
3. SIDE OF A COIN ARE NOT THE SAME: Above all, the source of self-motivation is to acknowledge that life is not a bed of rose, accept the fact that the other side of the grace is likely to be greener either far or near. Sit down, settle your mind within yourself, imagine your lost and achievement, consider your mistake and think of how to sieve them whether to let them go off you or make an amendment. Life is a rough way/road, way to success is not smooth even for the most successful online marketers, and failure is their watchword for a start. They try and try before they finally conquer and that was why they were able to share their experience either with their customers online, or in a seminar or workshop activities.
CONCLUSION: Are you motivated; are you good to go now? Forget the past, let off the mind of nonchalant attitude about your motivation toward blogging, if others are doing it, then I believe we can all do it except we want to try ignorance. Happy blogging!


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    Hi Adesanmi, You are saying ryt. If we are motivational then we will surely create good and quality content. That will take us to success. Nice Sharing.
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