Don’t die for it; it’s just 4 letter words

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Not long ago, I was reading through a blog as usual and as a loyal blogger that learn from the best, follow a loyal blogger and who have the dream of becoming a successful blogger in blogging community. I read the blog that talk about how blog can quickly send blogger to early grave and I was engulfed with the title and I decided to read the whole article and discovered that it was indeed truth that DEATH is just 5 letter words but the most fearful word that ever pronounced in the land of the living despite the fact that we are all subject to death. According award winning singer “2face Idibia” he said in one of his song and I quote “Nobody wan die but they wan go heaven” and this saying is applicable to almost applicable to all bloggers in blog-o-sphere.

 How do I mean by this statement? You want to strive to the highest but you can’t pay the price then how possible is this going to be possible. Third law of motion says “Action and reaction are equal and opposite” and that is the basis of all successful blogger in blog-o-sphere. The higher the level of your effort in blogging, the better the reward of your blogging output (Computer language).

Now the post title says “DON’T DIE FOR IT; IT’S JUST 4 LETTER WORDS”.
What are the four letter words? It’s nothing other than BLOG! There are many reasons why you don’t need to die for it, if you do you will definitely labour loss and all your effort will be in vain, if however you feel like dying for it check out what I want to share with you…
1. Blog for fun:  Blogging for fun doesn’t mean it should not be handle with zealous but it should rather be handled with courage, perseverance, endurance, commitment, and determination. Setting blogging primary goal as making money machine or your automated teller machine (ATM) it will send your blogging career to early grave, you don’t need dying for it, set a goal and blog step-wisely. It take years to building a successful offline business so also online blogging, they both have similar characteristics and they should be handle similarly and in a logical way else you may let go the four letter words.
2. Know where you are going: Many bloggers gave testimonies on how they got their AdSense approval within 2-3month working days and how their blog got ranked to 3 in the first 90 days in Google PageRank for you to get motivated and not for you to run faster than your shadow which is definitely not possible and if an attempt is made, your blog will die for it and you will end up quit blogging. Blogging is not to make money from the onset but making money blogging is the later reward, put on all possible effort to create relationship, build your blog audience, create trust, dominate your turf, and be responsible for your blog either to take it to the next level positively or negatively and if however the negative side over-shadowed the positive, your blog will die for it.
3. Setting a definite goal: Leave to plan your blogging strategies else your dream will never be accomplished. Definite goal means set a goal you can achieve with a specific time you have allotted for it. During the first month of my blog, I target 1 million Alexa rank and fortunate I finally got 780k plus Alexa rank in my blog first month and I regard that as an achievable and definite goal but I never target achieving less than 200k Alexa rank because I know I cannot achieve this in 30 working days because I know I can’t do it. If you don’t want to die for the four letter words, set a definite and an achievable goal.
4. Time management:Time factor is very important in human life, I wondered why a day is just 24hours, there is no specific reason from my end but to bring about proper management of what we might be doing. Leave time apart and schedule your way, 3 hours per day is enough for you if you can’t really make yourself a full-time blogger. Blogging from 9pm to 1.00am will sustain your part-time blogging career or else your blogging career will be send to early grave and your blog will die for it. Don’t die for it; it’s just four letter words.
Conclusion: Don’t die for it; it’s just 4 letter words. Share your view about this.
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Adesanmi Adedotun is a part-time blogger who lives in Nigeria and Nigerian by birth, a chronic Mathematician as a profession. Am a typical fan of 9ice (Adigun Alapomeji) when it comes to Nigerian traditional singers. You can add me on Facebook . You can follow my UPDATE on Facebook | Twitter and on Google plus


  1. Patience is very vital in blogging, don’t expect to achieve everything in one day, it goes without saying that “expecting much is one way of killing yourself.” The best thing is to take things easy and do the right thing, the success will naturally come on it’s own.
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