5 Killer reasons why I moved from blogger to wordpress platform

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Move from blogger to wordpress platformIf you are a loyal reader on this blog, you will notice that this blog was started on blogger platform on the 12/06/2013 (Just two month and 2 days) not because it is free but just because it is very easy to start with for a beginner. I started learning and reading about blog February 2012 and I did some childish blogging hoping that without seriousness I could make both ends meet in blog-o-sphere as many used to say that making money from blogging is very easy but to be sincere making money blogging is not easy though this is not to scare my readers or to quit the ambition of the upcoming bloggers but just talking from my first knowledge and what I have experienced about blogging which almost killed my blogging career but thanks to God and some other bloggers who wrote motivational topics on blogging that making money blogging does not come in a day, not overnight and that blogging is not get rich quick scheme.

I once recommended blogger platform for newbie because it is user friendly and easy to relate with, if however personal decision was not compromised about blogging on wordpress platform, then listen to the voice of your heart should be the best to start with in blog-o-shere.

1. Most professional bloggers are on wordpress platform : This may sound so funny and not really following my mind as per my taught when I started blogging, but I have to say that was not the fact, I know many may have to dispute the fact that there are many professional bloggers on blogger platform like Lindaikeji, ogbongeblog, and many others but statistically the numbers of professional bloggers on wordpress  platform are far more than that of blogger platform. To my surprise Matt Cutt is also on wordpress despite the fact that he knows much and can say much about blogger platform, meaning that wordpress is far better than blogger from my observation from what Matt Cutt did and this is like a motivation for me. Most of blogs I believed, trusted, followed, and guest blogging on are all on wordpress and I ask myself why won’t I or why don’t I move to wordpress platform for my blog to also look more professional from my view and finally compromise the taught that I can’t handle wordpress platform.

2. Design: I believe this is one of the most important and worth considered reasons why most bloggers prefer wordpress to blogger platform. From what I observed from most wordpress I have visited, their designs look more pretty and professional than those on blogger platform though this not to dispute the fact that blogger platform also look pretty but unlike wordpress. Blog design played an important role in blogging career, to attract readers to any blog, the design most be ok and fascinating and even monetize using Google advertise, the design play an important role in the same vein.

3. Control: So they say that everybody is an architect of his/her own fortune, and I strongly believed that all bloggers want to be in-charge, control their domain, do things the way they want it to be and this can only be done majorly on wordpress platform unlike on blogger platform where limited access is given to bloggers on what and what can be done on the platform. Many people do complains about losing their blogger account to Google with no reasonable reason, even after complain most of them won’t be able to recover the lost data/post except it’s been backed up somewhere else and this is a great loss for such a blogger if s/he failed to back-up his/her blog regularly which scared me so much and don’t want to fall victim of such unheard story.

4. SEO friendly: Although I cannot really say much about this but from my research and form many bloggers testimony to this that wordpress is more SEO friendly than blogger which is what all blogger needs to rank well in search engine. One reason why I have to accept this fact is that; the wordpress compatible SEO plugin (Yoast) makes me feel that words other blogger says about wordpress been SEO friendly is likely to be truth and in fact it true.

5. Plugins: I was reading through a post before I finally compiled this post and the author said publicly that their more than 10,000 plugins which makes me say wowwwww; and I was surprised about this but to my surprise despite the fact that I have little knowledge about blogger platform over a year now I have not seen single post talking about blogger platform plugins (lols).

Conclusion: Do you think this is a nice move or I am just deceiving myself though the deed has been done already, but kindly share your view about this below in the comment section.

About Adesanmi Adedotun

Adesanmi Adedotun is a part-time blogger who lives in Nigeria and Nigerian by birth, a chronic Mathematician as a profession. Am a typical fan of 9ice (Adigun Alapomeji) when it comes to Nigerian traditional singers. You can add me on Facebook . You can follow my UPDATE on Facebook | Twitter and on Google plus


  1. welcome to wordpress.I sincerely hope you have the best host,otherwise you would regret ever porting to wp.I wish you have the best experience bro
    ebimablog recently posted…My Profile

  2. I think it’s a good move at least in terms of design but I think it’s too early to conclude if it will be a profitable move.
    Olumide recently posted…My Profile

  3. Hi Adesanmi

    Well WordPress is more dynamic and easy to use. It has around 80 million blogs currently running on WordPress. Blogger is good for those who want to learn with zero investment. WordPress is SEO friendly and highly customizable. Beside blogger is not that much dynamic. It is wise to switch from Blogger to WordPress
    Ashish recently posted…My Profile

  4. Hello,
    thanks for sharing your ideas.
    You made a right choice moving your website from blogger to wordpress. I also did the same thing but I haven’t realized that the difference would be so huge. I migrated my site because of fear my site would be deleted, but when I already tried WP, I was surprised that this platform is so user friendly and there are so many options!! btw, i moved with cms2cms automated tool, the switch took me 16 minutes)

    THanks for sharing again! It’s so pleased knowing there’re adherents!
    Happy WordPressing)


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