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11 6 traffic source for new blog

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Years before I started my first blog, I have been hearing about blog SEO as the primary focus of every successful bloggers, if really a quality and reasonable traffic is a must before time, but to my surprise one can even generate huge traffic without understanding the way of blog SEO this day.

Before considering the 6 traffic source for new blog, you may find the following tips quite interesting and helpful.




1. GOOD CONTENT FIRST : I believe you must have been hearing this before now that content is king. But the fact remains,it is a blatant truth that bloggers cannot stop talking about it in a diverse way. An adage says: Good beginning makes good end, if you your blogging starting point is bad and not encouraging, don’t expect your first time visitor to return back to your blog. Writing quality content may comes from anyway except scrapping content from other blogs. If your blog is not good enough, then nobody will definitely subscribe to your blog update.

2. YOUR BLOG DESIGN MATTERS ALOT: Early before time, and before your blog traffic starting growing, you need to make sure that navigating through your blog is very easy and as well user friendly. Add necessary widget to your blog but don’t over add. Add Google search widget, blogger (if on blogger platform) contact widget, page number, E-mail subscription, Facebook like, related post widget etc.

3. PRE-ASSUME YOUR AVERAGE BLOG TRAFFIC: I believe this really funny right? A new blogger pre-assuming it blog traffic? Anyway it doesn’t!. Before you start earning from your blog, traffic is the number one priority; but note that you can’t start getting thousands of traffic for a start but you can start with hundred unique visitor and you can as well maintain this at a steady rate for a while and as time goes on there will definitely be either increase or decrease in your blog traffic depending on your blogging workaholic capability.

4.MAKE BLOG COMMENT YOUR BEST FRIEND:  Look for a related blog niche and leave a reasonable comment most especially on dofollow blog that often make use of commentluv or intensedebate plugin that enables you to have your recent post in any blog with either of the two plugins whenever you leave a comment and try to leave a reply that help to answer any question asked either on your blog or on any blog you visits.

5. GUEST POST: Despite the fact that some bloggers don’t accept guest post from a blog with a very low page rank and domain authority (DA), you can still find favour from some bloggers who doesn’t really cares about their own success but seeing others succeeding through their own achievement. Guest post does not only bring traffic but as well bring quality backlink depending on the blog reputation.

6. USE SOCIAL NETWORK: There are tons of social network out there that enables you to share your blog content with your friends both near and far. Join social network like Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, LinkedIn etc. Although traffic from social network may not be enormous enough to sustain your blog traffic but it’s the best traffic outside the organic search engine traffic like Google, Yahoo, and Bing.

Some other sure source of new blog traffic which newbie bloggers don’t consider because of their shallowed knowledge are:

i.  E-mail list building
ii. Use of forum
iii. Making use of youtube as a traffic source
iv. Business card with blog URL.

About Adesanmi Adedotun

Adesanmi Adedotun is a part-time blogger who lives in Nigeria and Nigerian by birth, a chronic Mathematician as a profession. Am a typical fan of 9ice (Adigun Alapomeji) when it comes to Nigerian traditional singers. You can add me on Facebook . You can follow my UPDATE on Facebook | Twitter and on Google plus


  1. Hey ADESANMI,
    WOW nice share dudue
    To drive traffic on your blog, you must have good content with original ideas and good SEO. You have mentioned all the possible aspects of nice blogging tips.
    Thanks and keep up the good work
    My recent post

  2. adetechblog says:

    Hi Ashi,

    Thank you for taking you precious time to visit our blog, and also leaving a comment.
    My recent post 6 traffic source for new blog

  3. hey Adesanmi,
    Great tips here and I like to fact you mentioned how important content is. You're writing for your readers and if you want them to come back you definitely have to have good quality content that will resonate with them! Thanks for sharing!
    My recent post

  4. great article traffic is the main thing every blogger need . but there is lot of things to get better traffic thnx for post.
    My recent post

  5. adetechblog says:

    Yes Sherman, the quality of quality contents in blogging cannot be over-emphasized
    My recent post Google SEO guide for newbie webmasters

  6. Hi Adesanmi. This is a great article. It points the new blogger in the right direction. I've been reading The Renegade Network Marketer, and Ann Sieg keeps stressing that you must sell yourself before you try to sell your product. That means putting some time and thought into your blog so that people will find it worthwhile to visit. Thank you so much for sharing your thoughts.

    All the best,
    My recent post

  7. adetechblog says:

    Thank you Leslie for this great contribution, and this is the more reason why the new and upcoming bloggers need to understand some basic techniques in blogosphere.
    My recent post Google SEO guide for newbie webmasters

  8. Hi Adesanmi,

    Great tips for the new blogger. I know many blogger struggle to get over the ghost town blog for a while, so your tips will really be helpful for them.

    Beth :)
    My recent post

  9. All the ideas shared above are good to deliver traffic to blog . But commenting and writing guest post to other blog of you niche is best way to catch readers to you own blog also

  10. adetechblog says:

    Hi Amrish,

    Yes Amrish, you are right and on point, but I think some other methods should be made known since it is not all bloggers that can guest blogging and make comment their priority for a start.
    My recent post What can I do when nobody read my blog post?

  11. adetechblog says:

    Hi Beth,

    Thanks for the comment and the acknowledgement that newbie bloggers really need these…
    My recent post What can I do when nobody read my blog post?

  12. nice shared :)

    please visit

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