Monday, July 29, 2013

Tips to get your article accepted as a guest author

Guest blogging is no doubt one of the best medium which bloggers are really moving into to drive upsurge traffic into their blog and to show case their identities online. You can either write post or publish on other blogs or they write for your blog, and the following tips are the quickest way of getting your blog post accepted by the blog authors.

1. Make yourself known to the blog author: I am telling you that this is one of the most important aspect of guest blogging that must be put into consideration, you need to make yourself known to the blog author that you are a constant fan of his/her blog through constant visiting and leaving a reasonable comment. If a blog author can identify your effort in leaving reasonable comment that contribute to any post of his/her  blog s/he will definitely keep eye on you and s/he may not be able to resist your offer as a guest author on his/her blog.

2. Your credential matters: This is what reveals yourself to the blogger properly, either he/she knows you or not, there is still a need for you to provide you full detail to the blog author. Give reasonable reason why you want to write for his/blog and the reason (s) why you think the blog readers will find your blog post interesting.

3. Be honest:  Don't just try to be what you are not, else you will be disappointed in yourself if s/he finally discover who you are. Only deal with what you know it works for, and don't try to assume what you don’t know because there are some that are expert in what you think you know.

4. Provide best content: When it is time for guest blogging, write as if that is going to be the end. Write like a professional, relate like author, manage like a manger, teach like a teacher and nurture like a nursing mother. The blogging you are writing for is far ahead of  your blog, therefore to make yourself, and not to mar you blogging career, you must provide your best ever so that people will find your article more interesting so that you can build solid relationship with the blog audience.

5. Promote your post: Getting you guest post approved may take a while as it has to undergo some scrutiny whether it is free from copyscape , so once your blog is alive, promote it to tell people about your new step about guest blogging you are venturing into so as to drive traffic to the blog you are writing for,and the reaction of the blog visitor to your guest blog make give you another chance of writing another one.

6. Link: This is the most considerable part of blogging that may lead to rejection of your blog, in every guest blog, there is always a privacy that talks about link; some bloggers don't accept guest blog with more than one or two link back to the guest author's blog and if this is overdone your guest blog will definitely be rejected. Therefore, endeavour to follow the privacy of every blog you have intension of writing for so that your valuable post will not be sent back to junk or get trashed!!!

Conclusion: If you want the best out of blogging, you need to engage in guest blogging to drive more traffic to your blog and bring exposure to your blog and yourself at the same time.

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