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Blogging is getting it ways this day, becoming more famous day-in day-out; it’s gradually a professional job many people venture into online with the aim of making reasonable income from it.
Building a successful blog that brings money that pay somebill really need quality traffic from a reasonable source like organic trafficfrom search engine.
If however you start a blog today, either on blogger platform or wordpress platform, the first thing that will strike your mind will be the issue of traffic, lot of comment and how popular is it going to be in time to come. In this article, we shall be considering some simple tips to make your blog more popular,

and all the method are not aptly to be the best but the best way if strictly followed though it’s going to be inform of question.

1. Tell me about your blog design: Can you tell me about this? Does your blog design really worth it, or how personalize is your blog design? Having a well design blog template/theme will make your blog one of the best if not the best.  Although many newbie bloggers don’t have full access over their blog theme because of the inability to afford a premium theme/template. Customizing or personalizing your blog theme or template requires you making your blog interactive like adding comment box for do-follow, social gadget that enables sharing of your blog article, footer  etc.
2. Are your blog article readable: Publishing a worth reading article will promote your blog and keep your readers coming back, and this can be achieved by making your blog post/stuff more reasonable, catching, worthy of its value, and as well by making your blog article more fascinating. Writing with your understanding will make people or your blog reader to have more believed in you, and as well as trust in what your blog offers.
3. Social friendly:This really helps your blog visitors to interact with your articles and this will enlarge your blog level. Adding social sharing button to your blog will making many blogger expresses their felling by either clicking the like, share,and tweet button most especially for those that don’t love  leaving a comment on the blog the visits and that will definitely be a means of fulfilling your blog aim/goal/dream.
4. Make your blog search engine friendly: It’s very wise to focus on writing for blog visitors but making it search engine is wiser for proper search engine optimization. Only reasonable keywords and appealing blog title really matters for search engine optimization. The power of blog Meta tag and proper blog description is really worth considering in building blog audience, popularity, and using of long tail keyword is more encourage.
Conclusion: Every blogger have a great dream to accomplish but limited number of those dreams is fulfilled because meeting the readers need is not achievable in their blog articles. So they say, one good turn deserve another.
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