Effects of writing quality content

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Life is a stage, when human grow old to an extent, he will wanted to be as young as the adult around but the work of nature cannot be reversible. And why do people think in this manner? Because youth are agile, they have the power to run errand for themselves, and do almost everything. And this is the more reason why some people always want to look younger every day.

You may want to checkmate this attribute of human but it’s natural, and so also no blogger want he/her article to grow old, and they work toward perfection so that they will not be forgotten on the internet. If you are a writer, either prolific or a learner there will be need for you to fine-tune your article to meet up the demand of the readers even in years ahead and this has however brought about this article where we will consider the effect of quality content.

1. Quality content never grow old:  All quality contents are like a tree planted by the river side that looks evergreen, appealing to the eye, flourish and neat always. What am saying is that; no matter what, quality content will still maintain it stand in blog-o-sphere.
2. Long-time traffic: Because the content is quality, then it will definitely have a last long traffic as long as it remains on the internet. Meaning that through it staying as an article on your blog, it will always bring in more visitors which is equivalent to traffic. Quality content cannot be compare with just content which are likely to fad out with time. Have you ever imagine searching through the searching, and instead of search engine to have brought current answer to your question, all you will see will be as far back as 4-5 years responds and that is one of the qualities of quality content.
3. PageRank: Blog PageRank has a depending variable, which is blog traffic; having quality content that generate blog traffic always will definitely increase your blog PageRank. This really worked if it combines with quality SEO techniques and quality keywords.
4. Trust: Why blogging if you are not ready to build trust in the heart of your followers and blog readers? Providing your blog reader quality content will earn your blog a quality trust from your readers, and this will create quality relationshipbetween you and readers. As far as you offer quality content in your blog, then it’ll definitely solve relevant problem related to you niche and you reader will not just tolerate your blog.
5. Income: I believe this is one of the more reasons why the blogging community is flooded this day as everybody want to earn money online. You blog income is solely depend on the quality of you blog traffic. To bring in more revenue or income always, blog content must not be like news headline that vanishes with time and never come back to life again. As long as you write quality content that readers want to read, you can always share them with your friend on social network and as well on search engine to still increase your blog visitor and still serve as a source of additional income to your service.
Finally: Among all these  reward from writing quality content, you need to spend sometimes putting things together so as to attract visitor and not only that, measure must be taken to see that the content addresses readers  problem and provide relevant solution.
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Adesanmi Adedotun is a part-time blogger who lives in Nigeria and Nigerian by birth, a chronic Mathematician as a profession. Am a typical fan of 9ice (Adigun Alapomeji) when it comes to Nigerian traditional singers. You can add me on Facebook . You can follow my UPDATE on Facebook | Twitter and on Google plus

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