5 Marketing tips to boost blog traffic

Now, we shall discuss about 5 marketing tips to boost blog traffic, but before we discuss that, let consider some basic part of content marketing to open our eye to understanding the basic tips required to boost our blog traffic.

Is content marketing the new SEO if really the way of SEO is dead? Now, someone can say content marketing killed SEO to boost blog traffic. If that is the case, content marketing shows the way forward to boost blog traffic since SEO is gone.


Content marketing can be seen as a way of sharing created article(s) on search engine like Google, Bing, Yahoo, social networks like Facebook, Twitter, and on blog directory like Technorati, Regit etc.

Meanwhile, many bloggers and webmasters have been nagging about the influence of the recent Google penguin update, how it drastically affected their blog traffic.

To boost blog traffic, quality content must be first created and after the hectic hours of making a research on what to write about on your next blog update; you came out with so-called quality content and to your greatest surprise, your keyword was nowhere to be found on search engine despite the research you have thoroughly made, thus, know traffic will definitely be generated as a return of all your effort to have published the article.

And to avoid all this SEO and traffic trash, below are 5 marketing tips to boost your blog traffic and you will definitely revive the deadly SEO using content marketing as the best alternative.


Let take a look at this point from practical view; Mr. A is a mechanic that specialise on Benz, Toyota, Volkswagen, and Rio products but doesn’t care to approach and persuade customers for patronage but Mr. B is a specialist on Benz product but took his time to patronize and persuade customers on what and what he specialised on and able to do.

Now, from the illustration above, who do you think will make more sales? Mr. B of course!,   because he spent his time promoting his service for people to patronize him.

From my analysis above, I believe the message of content promotion have been properly analysed? After creating your content, endeavour to share it with your friends on some social networks earlier mentioned in this article, use feedburner to ping your blog subscribers, ask your loyal friends to share your content on their pages and timelines as this will definitely boost your blog traffic.


Blog traffic does not depend on the number of articles you have in you blog rather it depends on the following.

i.The quality and not really the quantity of the  content
ii.The level of promotion (Marketing)
iii.Post title
iv.Keyword level in search engine

Now that some of the quality reasons behind blog traffic have been reveal, a turn over step can/must be taken.

Every blogger is a potential and a professional writer, giveaway don’t necessarily mean you should give out what you have earned so for in blogosphere neither does it mean you should giveaway your belongings but you can start with the best article of your blog, convert it to PDF file format and design a very nice and appealing back cover for it to capture the attention of your visitor and give it to all your subscriber as a bonus or giveaway as the case may be or rather add a downloading link to your blog for readers to access to it.


This is one of the great turn off  of many bloggers, both the beginner and the pro-bloggers in blogosphere, sharing or tweeting fellow boggers update is the greatest job ever think off, yet we all talk about creating relationship in blogosphere; now tell me in your comment if any relationship can start without the hand of true friendship.

#Quote: Two cannot work together without an agreement.

Although many bloggers neither appreciate this idea nor reciprocate it when it is done, but why not keep on hitting the like and sharing button to tell others about it on your page and timeline and as time goes one someone somewhere will start sharing your articles.
A trial can convince.


The key to successful teaching is to understanding the weakness and level of understanding of the learner else, the purpose of the lecture will definitely proof abortive.

How do you put your audience first? You can put your audience first by:

i. Questioning method: Research on the major keyword your blog readers are seriously searching for on the internet before writing any post.

ii Value your blog comment: Blog comment is for the purpose of expression after reading the whole or part of the article which allow readers to express what they have grasp, and benefit they have derived from the content, what they feel about it, and their contributions to either blending it properly or bring some abusive words about your grammatical blunder, but never because nobody is an epitome of knowledge rather try to improve yourself.


Why do you have the preference of long-tail keywords to short ones?  I guess, it is for search engine optimization?! So also, if one need to keep his/her blog reader consistence, quality content must be created, explanatory enough, and enormous (quantity) so as to put your readers in suspense so that , if not close to the end of the article or middle, the main and most valuable point may not be understood but don’t try to play prank with what is to be contained in your article and not to write off topic; do note that blog post is a picture, an image of either honour or dishonour. Posting quality and quantity content will boost your blog traffic.

Content marketing can be seen as the best alternative to blog SEO if the concept of SEO is not in one understanding and traffic is mostly needed to survive all blogs. IT IS NOW YOU TURN TO SHARE YOUR VIEW ABOUT THIS BLOG MARKETING TIPS.

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  1. All said right . Blog traffic is rot depend on the number of blog post . That all depend of quality of post . Thanks for sharing the great tip . This will really help newbie blogger

  2. Hey Ade! I agree with everything you've said…but I don't agree that SEO is dead! It is still the most reliable way to drive traffic to a blog – in the long run.
    My recent post

  3. #5 is the most important.
    Content is that which attracts visitors. More visitors – more money :-)
    My recent post

  4. adetechblog says:

    Terungwa, thanks for visiting my blog, but I vulnerably said that because as new Google penguin begin to mature, the tendency for SEO to have it way may be the most difficulty thing on could ever think off.

  5. adetechblog says:

    Thank for your comment sandi!. The power of quality content cannot be dispute in blogosphere

  6. adetechblog says:

    Yes Amrish, thank for your visit and the contribution
    My recent post How to increase blog traffic without SEO


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