Sunday, July 28, 2013

How to create quality infographic

Larger percentage of blogger knows how infographic works and it effect on blog, but if we are bird of a feather, I guess you won't understand single thing about infographic except you only understood how it works. But when it happens this way, what are you going to do when you don't know what to do? The following tips are going to be of great help in creating quality inforgraphics for your blog.

1. Make research about the source of your data: If you don't know how to go about it, then you need to know if you want to know about it. The number one point about creating quality inforgraphic is by getting to know the source of your data. Forget about the look of graphic design but if the designs are really bad, it may not really hit the wall as you think.

The simplest way that I will recommend for this; is for you to visit nice and great blog either on your bookmark or on your spec and examine their data, content, numbers or like, numbers of tweet, numbers of share, definitely the post that has the highest in the aforementioned will do well if taken to infographic level. Note that it is not necessary you search for ideas when you have the idea but if your idea sucks then this will definitely work.

2. Go for the best design: Everybody is a potential planner, everyone has one or more idea on what infographic is all about, but how do you now take the task to go for the best infographic design? Sadden your heart, right? But worry not because you can only please those that love your product and not everyone that comes to your blog page either through search engine or referring or blog comment and all the like.

Visiting reasonable site like with definitely give you an insight of best infographic design you can go for by jus searching for infographic in the search box though it may not be free but it'll definitely strike your infographic dream

3. Try wireframe: ing out you infographic data before starting anything about infographic is very important. So they say "One step before the other", don't just mix everything you want to do, let them work in pact together for a better result, and while doing this, try as much as you can to reduce the total part of the infographic to minimum of 5 or 6 main data point.

If however, you have been able to come out with something reasonable from the wireframe point, you now have to work with your designer to present your data to be combined in a reasonable way that it will be very easy to understand visually.

4. Catchy headline: No matter the quality of your infographic design, without quality headline/title there will be no readers to read through it. Everybody have a special strategy of making things work for them like choosing a reasonable headline but don't follow the common routine, try to be unique and maintain your stand amongst the multitude.

Conclusion: Infographically, am not sound, not even good, but following the above steps in creating your infographic, am very sure you will create and come out with quality infographic design.

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