Tuesday, July 09, 2013

Google SEO guide for newbie webmasters

Going through which was basically based on search engine optimization for a beginner webmaster, I observed that it is not really for beginners as it contains some advice and guidelines which a beginner may not likely to understood.

And now, to fully implement blog or website content in the major search engine, some  quality attribute of content optimization must be fully put into consideration else thing might not be fully implemented with search engine even after the submission of the blog address to search engine.
Understanding what SEO means and how it works beforehand is very important for every bloggers most especially the beginner’s and that was brought Google to have put together their guide for every newbie webmaster

                                                What Google SEO guide Failed to reveal

1. If you went through the Google SEO guide for beginners properly, you will discovered it was not revealed that using guest post, one can get a quality backlink and as well leaving comments in other blog can bring some backlink from dofollow blog and blog as well.

2. The wonderful Google SEO guide lay emphasize on the fact that; using meta tag description in blog is quite important but never reveal the techniques of adding it to wordpress blogger platform and some other popular platform.

3. Despite the fact that the guide was made for webmaster newbie, it was not reveal that implement other unscrupulous way to SEO can be forbidden, so that a beginner can vulnerably run from it, so if they had known they will definitely run from using it on their log.

                                                            Google SEO alternative

For a beginner, it is advisable to read the Google SEO guide for beginner webmaster to understand the bases of SEO guide before seeking alternative. It after you have fully understood what the content of the guide is communicating to all newbie webmasters; you can then seek for further alternative base on your knowledge.

A good learner is a good listener, as you can learn to know more about the Google SEO guide, don't forget to be more vigilant about the steps other successful blog or website does to succeed as Google don't take chance with fraudulent means of search engine optimization.

Google is against selling affiliated product link yet one can advertise Amazon product; and what are Amazon product which pays for referring customers?

In a nutshell, place less priority on what you are taught about SEO in the Google SEO guide for newbie webmasters.

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