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This headline may sound funny, ridiculous, bragging, and somehow foolish but what saying is a blatant fact that all bloggers knows, and we do pretend as if it’s nothing but to be sincere, something is hidden in nothing if you scrutinize the nothing properly.
All bloggers love their blog visitors either a co-blogger or otherwise to leave a finger print in the sand of their blogs, what is the essence of you feeling my presence in your blog, not only as a visitor that increases your

page view, brings in more earning, but as a sincere, regular, and loyal visitor of your blog.

A verse in the bible says and I quote ‘do unto others what you want people to do to you’!. Taking a critical look at this wise word, it is applicable in every phases of life even in blog-o-sphere, and do remember that one of the best way ofblogging is building relationship, and make yourself known and at the same time be useful to the whole wide world through helping people to solve their problems through your personal knowledge or all the like.
And now that you know this from the time immemorial that your blog is to helping people around the world, only one thing will definitely stop me from visiting your blog without putting your blog content into consideration in the first place despite the fact that content is king.
Reason why I will decide to stop visiting your blog is;
Failure to leave a comment on my blog:  Yes, just this! This may sounds foolish or meaningless or you just don’t care about it, but am saying it, and I think it worth saying and as well affirming it.
For a fellow blogger to have visited your blog, and leave a reasonable and encouraged comment that has either commend your effort, contribute to the topic, take time to share your blog post (although, you may not know who share your blog post), and leave his/her recent post on your blog via your blog commentluv or intensedebate. I think such visitor deserve a return of the comment s/he has left on your blog?
Although some bloggers don’t value this simple point but am telling you that this is one of the cogent reason why most co-bloggers visitors don’t comment on your, and not only because of your content.
Content is king, yes! I don’t dispute that but comment is the throne of the king, meaning both are necessary to build a successful blog.
For a co-blogger to have visited your blog, I believe s/he has initiated a blogging relationship via his or her comment which s/he will be expecting you to do the same by visiting his/her blog.
Conclusion: I will from this juncture let you share your view about why you think it is mandatory for a fellow blogger who visit your blog to leave a comment.
About Adesanmi Adedotun

Adesanmi Adedotun is a part-time blogger who lives in Nigeria and Nigerian by birth, a chronic Mathematician as a profession. Am a typical fan of 9ice (Adigun Alapomeji) when it comes to Nigerian traditional singers. You can add me on Facebook . You can follow my UPDATE on Facebook | Twitter and on Google plus


  1. Orhionkpaibima says:

    Waooo,i doubt if you mean what you put up here.I need youto tell me you mean it or not before i know what to comment next
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  2. adetechblog says:

    Hi Orhionkpaibima,

    I really mean it
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    • Then you are selfish and jelous
      ige ebima recently posted…My Profile

      • Hi Ige,

        Not really what you think anyway,but taking time to leave a comment like what you have done tells me that there is tendency for you to spend some seconds on adetechblog which will definitely not increase it bounce rate instead it’ll decrease it or rather leave it the way it was.

  3. Blogging is fun when we have a community around us…..I personally think we should always comment on each others blog….but contents and blog need to be good otherwise we shouldn't waste our time in it….that's why first impression of a blog is pretty important indeed…..

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  4. adetechblog says:

    Hi Aditya,

    You are right that content is king and I think I also mentioned this but bloggers need to leave a reasonable comment on a fellow bloggers blog to build concrete relationship
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  5. Although I think it's a good idea to comment on each others blogs I don't think you should comment on another blog expecting a comment back. And you definitely shouldn't expect a comment after leaving one or two comments.
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  6. Hi Adesanmi,

    I agree with you. When you visit someone's blog and leave a comment, yet the blogger does not pay you a visit and comment on your blog, why should you bother going back. As I mentioned in my recent post, comments on your blog establish that your articles are not monologues, but that they are thought provoking and inducive to interaction and engagement of your readers. They are also incentives to write or give more. Plus they really help build relationships with your fellow bloggers.

    By the way, I came across your blog because you commented on one of my posts.


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  7. Hi Ade. This post sounds outright rude and offensive. It may be the reason why I MAY STOP VISITING YOUR BLOG! You see, you don't force people to comment on your blog! Post provocative, thought raking, unique content and the comments come in naturally! And some comments come in after 10 years of publishing a post! Now, for your blog which is less than 2 months, that's a nasty post! Hold on, be patient and write only your best. The comments will flow. OK?
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  8. adetechblog says:

    Hi Dita,

    Thanks for your comment. I see blog comment as law of karma; leave and let others leave and that is the more reason we have to build solid relationship in this community which should not be seen as survival of the fittest.
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  9. adetechblog says:

    Hi Akaahan,

    I love and appreciate your comment indeed, but many atimes the truth need to be revealed
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  10. Hi Adesanmi,

    Great insights! I love what you say about commenting – "comment is the throne of the king". I totally agree with you that just great content is not going to bring in visitors. Comments do!

    I remember you visiting my blog too. Thanks for contributing.

    Viola Tam – The Business Mum

  11. adetechblog says:

    Hi Viola,

    You are always great,and I always appreciating your visiting.
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  12. Great Adesanmi, You are Great. Very good blog I read after a long time. Thanks I like your Blog. I cant wait to read more from you.
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  13. adetechblog says:

    Hi Coach,

    Thank you for stopping by to a leave a comment. Leaving a comment on co-bloggers blog should be fully encouraged to build relationship if truely the content of the article is understood
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  14. I can see that you possess a degree of expertise on this subject, I would very a lot like to hear much more from you on this subject matter – I have bookmarked this page and will return soon to hear additional about it.

  15. adetechblog says:

    Hi Travel,

    Thank you so much for your visit.
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  16. I never used to comment on blogs that I visited. But now I am starting to realize just how powerful the comments can be when left on a site. Plus if it is great written content, you should let the blogger know that you enjoyed reading their post.

    By the way I loved this blog post. I will definitely be back to read some more and make more comments.
    My recent post

  17. adetechblog says:

    Hi Susan,

    I must confess that the power in blog comment is great and great and great when one is building a reputable backlink from a reputable blog, and thank God you have started doing that, and soonest I believe you will have something to say or write about on the effect of comment on blog.
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  18. Nice words and a good level of confidence. I love it when a man shows confidence about what he knows. With creativity, you've made my day with this article. i have liked it, tweeted it and added you on my google +
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  19. adetechblog says:

    Hi Asaolu,

    Thanks for this comment; although the reason behind this article was not to brag but to reveal to all bloggers that comment is also vital in every successful blog, and that as a blogger we can determine to help our blogging ministry
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  20. this is very clear and informative most especially for newbies like me. Keep the good work going!
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  21. yourblogcoach says:

    of course adetechblog, you are on the right track and i support you big time my bro. Some might think it's a joke and it's not at all. I believe of of the principle of blogging is to help and lift fellow bloggers up.
    My recent post

  22. adetechblog says:

    Hi Kenennadi,

    Thanks for visiting, hope this is helpful
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  23. adetechblog says:

    Hi Yourblogcoach,

    You are right my co-blogger, although I have not grown wing/s in this community but I believe doing this will help many bloggers to gain more audience.
    My recent post Blog and blog content vs blog traffic

  24. Great post. All readers will definitely like this post. Looking forward for your next post.

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