What is SEO and how to increase blog SEO

This is a general need as a matter of fact, SEO is a must for every blogger if I may say but we take blog SEO with levity hand and run after content, although quality content is a wheel driver, a universal modem, king of blogging, reason behind every successful bloggers, and many more fact to think and talk about on blog quality content. But in this article, we’ll be a little bit divert from quality content and discuss about the simple step known by almost all bloggers but shun off on the aspect of SEO (SEARCH ENGINE OPTIMIZATION).


What is SEO? This is a process of altering the visibility of a blog or website on search engine majorly on Google, Bing and Yahoo. Blog SEO is not that easy to come-by or accomplish as many bloggers carries the notion of accomplishing it overnight.

In short, the medium of increasing the appearance of a blog or website on search engine is simply called SEO and the traffic from search engine  are keenly refer to as unique traffic.

There are two types of blog SEO which are;

1. NATURAL SEO: This is the best SEO and most advisable for all blogger to have the dream of accomplish. This type of SEO is referred to as ORGANIC SEO and it’s generally from search engine and that is one of the reasons behind it uniqueness, and most advisable for bloggers.


This must have being bothering your mind that how does NATURAL SEO works? Majorly, natural SEO depend on your blog or website visibility on search engine. It works effectively when people discover your blog or website direct from search engine via your blog title and that one of the reasons why many bloggers tends to enlightened others more on blog title.

2. PAID SEO: Paid SEO can be referred to search engine marketing (SEM), and is all about paying for traffics as alternative source of generating blog visibility on search engine but not  unique like NATURAL SEO which had it source from search engine as well due to proper SEO optimization.


The following are some undisputed important of blog SEO both NATURAL AND PAID SEO.

i. It increases blog visibility on search engine

ii. It helps to tell people about your blog KEYWORD on search engine

iii. It helps to increase blog traffic naturally or organically.

If per-adventually you have being following this article with full attention from the beginning, you must have discover the fact that blog SEO is very important. The simple clue am about sharing with you will definitely increase your blog visibility on search engines.


1. Privacy: Privacy works as the name implies, it tells Google crawler whether to crawl your blog or website or not. When you choose ‘NO’ in your blog privacy, Google bolt will never crawl your website or blog. To enable Google bolt crawler via your blog privacy, login to blogger—> dashboard–>;settings–>privacy and choose “YES” in both options, see image below.

2. Custom robots.txt: How great and happy would you be if major traffic to your blog comes from Google.com and when your blog contents are properly indexed by search engine? Custom robots.txt auto ping your blog when published to major search engine and this will surely increase your blog visibility on search engine. Either you create a custom robots.txt or just enable “YES” on your blog custom robots.txt, they almost perform same function , and your blog visibility will be increase on search engine. To enable custom robots.txt on your blog, login to your blogger account–>dashboard–>settings–>search preference–>custom robots.txt–>edit and click on YES” and finally save it to enable the settings.

3. Custom robots header tag: Many blogger don’t make use of this or let me say they were confused about the settings, but I have keenly share a screen short of my settings to help increase your blog visibility on search engine. Follow this step to set your blog robots header tag login to blogger—> dashboard–>settings–> search preference and follow the image below to setting your blog header tag.

4. Pinging: Hey, get your mind off BBM, this work like that though but it’s the alternative way to custom robots.txt to make you blog post known to search engine whenever you publish a post but it’s manual process which can a  times be hectic if there is no time for such to ping. Ping can be done via third party like pingomatic.com or by using Google feedburner.


Final words: Successful blog SEO is the reason behind blog organic traffic and the best way to make increase blog visibility on most of the major search engine…

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