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Looking around the blogosphere this day, larger percentage of bloggers are students, who in one way or the
other looking for alternative way to bring cash into their pocket outside what their parent, uncles, and sibling had successfully put into their pocket either as a gift or pocket money just to make both ends meet.

But the story begin to change after sleepless night of blogging, publishing quality content and proper sharing of blog post with social
network friends but just to wake up the following morning to check what your PV is and the feelings of quitting blogging begin to arise because the blog traffic is nothing to write about, don’t loosing hope and stop panicking because this post has it all, only if the points are strictly followed.

Very many blogger cried for unique traffic from search engine but the fact remains; irrespective of your blog quality content, it’s going to take search engine like Google, Bing and Yahoo a while before they start indexing your blog consistently, but to be rest assure as a blogger, that the future dream of our blog can be secured if we rightfully make use of the available resources within our reaches.
Following the point below will definitely give your blog a hope that the future traffic is definitely secured.
Funny right? No it doesn’t at all! If you can’t make use of available resources then what is not available cannot be make available. Endeavour to print out a small handbill and give to as many as possible number of students both the one you have access to and the one you don’t, employ you friends to share it with their friends either in the same department, level, faculty and school, and before you know what is happening your blog will start generating some direct traffic from your friends and your friends’ friends. Do take note that, some people may turn down your offer, scold you but all you need is focus on your goal and it will definitely be achieved.
With the level of technology in our world today, using SMS as a means of advertisement is no longer a new thing. If I may ask; what gain have it when you have friends and you can’t make use of them or what is the advantage of your 800 contact list on your mobile phone only to call, and say hi?
With the use of SMS, you can reach as many as possible number of people within and outside your reaches with a token. If in the other way round, you can’t afford the token, you can make use of online free SMS website like mjoy and all the like and before you know what the matter is, your blog traffic will be arrive even before the organic traffic zoom in.
This is similar to the first point above  but you don’t need to contact people one after the other, all what you need doing is just summarize your blog niche content, what your blog can offer, what and what benefit your blog can afford to offer when people visit it, and then clip to the information centres around the school, like departmental notice board, faculty notice board, library notice board, hostel notice board etc. and let the postal do the advertisement for you; and sit to watch the huge traffic that will bring to your blog.
Blog traffic from this source doesn’t mean you should start teaching people how to blog in the school. Just organize a free tutorial on the course you know people find difficult to understand and take the burden upon yourself to read it, understand it, and teach people; and during the course of the teaching keenly introduce your blog and summarize what and what can be found in your blog that can be  beneficiary to them.
NOTE: Don’t introduce your blog the first day, even the first week but introduce it when you know they are fully engross with what you are teaching them and see what benefit this will bring to your blog.
The third laws of motion proof this; ‘action and reaction are equal and opposite’. Creating Facebook group for your department will bring many scholar together under the same umbrella for the sake of Facebooking , meanwhile you are only acting on what Isaac Newton said about third law of motion (quoted above).
You can either make the group an open or close group but preferably an open group so that group member will be able to add as many as possible number of scholars while you keep posting your blog article into the group and this will drastically increase your blog traffic but do take note that knowledge is a potential power, so don’t try to spam the group.
FINAL VIEW: I believe these tips can drive much traffic to your blog IF followed within weeks and you will almost be contend with your blog traffic before the organic traffic from search engine zoom in!
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Adesanmi Adedotun is a part-time blogger who lives in Nigeria and Nigerian by birth, a chronic Mathematician as a profession. Am a typical fan of 9ice (Adigun Alapomeji) when it comes to Nigerian traditional singers. You can add me on Facebook . You can follow my UPDATE on Facebook | Twitter and on Google plus


  1. Bringing traffic on your blog is really important and not an easy task, You have to be dedicated and focused on the work. Thanks for the share. will try to follow those steps :)
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    Hi Ashi,

    You are definitely right, for every successful blog, there is always a quality traffic. Thanks for your contribution


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