How to increase your blog traffic using feedburner

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016 How to increase your blog traffic using feedburner

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Blogging traffic start from social network before proper index by search engine, sharing blog     post on social network and on fan page is one of the best ways to generate blog traffic from a loyal fan; loyal friends and this as well increase blog visibility on search engine, since most social networks are ranked very high on Alexa rank.

Although, many bloggers include myself make use of third party website like dlvr, tweetfeed, etc. to auto-publish blog post to social network.

In the recent time, blogger platform is becoming more great as they tend to please almost all their users who is familiar with their service, the introduction of new widgets like contact form for blogger make it more awesome.

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                              WHAT IS FEEDBURNER?

Feedburner, popularly known as RSS feed is a web-management that is used to keep a website or blog visitor up-to-date as long as they subscribe via their e-mail  powered feedburner.

Feedburner is a must for all bloggers and webmasters or other feedburner alternative to keep their readers up-to-date. Feedburner is very essential in building traffic from readers that observed that you have quality content in your blog and decide to subscribe to your blog update so that they will not miss out single of your blog post.
                              IMPORTANT OF FEEDBURNER
The following are some of the important of feedburner to bloggers.
* To increase blog traffic* Feedburner increases blog readers
* Adding feedburner widget to your blog makes it look more professional
* Helps to auto-publish you post
* It helps to connect readers
                          HOW TO SHARE BLOG POST ON SOCIAL NETWORK
In this phase, and now that you are aware of the importance of feedburner, following the step below will help you to auto-publish you post link to social networks
Step1: Login to you  using your Gmail account and click on the feed name you want to auto publish it post or link to social network.
Step2: Click on publicize on the page that follows and click on socialize on the left hand side. As you can see in the image below that my own feedburner auto-publish is activated. That shows am using feedburner to auto-publish my post link to social network.
Step3: Click on add twitter account and a new windows will open, then choose social network you want to share your blog post or link with and then enter your login details and authenticate feedburner to access your account.


Step4: To connect more account click on manage account and authenticate as many as possible other social network like Facebook, netlog, plaxo etc. and after that, your post will be auto-publish by Google feedburner.


Step5: Finally, scroll to the buttom of the page and click on save button to save your connection.

Congratulation, your post will be auto-publish by Google feedburner henceforth.

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  1. Good post,feedburner is realy a great way to reach out to more audience.
    thanks for the share

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  3. thanks Ade for this quality post. i never knew google feedburner would bring traffic to your blog by adding my social network account like twitter.thanks ade once again for sharing this knowledge with me. i have really benefited from this post.

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