How to download and install Facebook Home on Android

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The longer awaited Facebook Home APK file is now available for download on Google play. The Facebook Home is now available for Android device for free on Google play. The new Facebook Home app for Android which display Facebook messages, photos, notifications, posts, etc. is now available right on your Android mobile screen.
As the time of writing this article, the Facebook Home app, is only available on some Android device, Android device such as Samsung Galaxy II, SIII, HTC ONE, HTC ONCE X+. Despite the fact that the app was a long awaited one, it was officially launched early April this year and was only made available on Google play for downloading.


What is Facebook Home?

Facebook Home is a wonderful app that allow Facebook to show right on your Android screen and show some relevant information about your Facebook account such messages, posts, notifications, friend requests, etc.
The Facebook Home app streams out all Facebook friend request, notification, posts, and messages on your Android device start-up.


How to download and install Facebook Home on Android

In order to be able to have this app on your Android device, the mobile Facebook app and Facebook messenger must be up-to-date. And, after that is done, (Update Facebook app and Facebook messenger) then, downloads the app.

Facebook app :
Facebook messenger:

After successful download and installation of the two apps on your Android device, check for it workability on your Android device, maybe it’s compatible with type of Android you are having not but hopefully it works with your Android.

To download the Facebook Home and Facebook messenger APK file for you Android, download from the link below

Facebook Home :

After you have downloaded the above files and successful installation on your Android device, if peradventure it works on your Android then, press Home button to affirm whether to allow your device to use Facebook Home launcher or not; since the goal for this article is to be able to use Facebook Home on your Android device, then select Home option to start using Facebook Home right on your Android.

Congratulation, Facebook Home app is now working on your Android device!!!

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