How to block incoming calls on iOS smartphone

The rate of development, and level of upgrading  iOS  to function with some iOS 7 app by  Cupertino company is really amazing, cannot be shun off and let good off without acknowledging the fact that they are doing it even with the notion of introducing iPhone S5  came in, in addition to the two previous colour making it three. And now again with an awesome feature which allows you to block any unwanted incoming  calls on your iPhone.

How often do want to block any or unwanted incoming calls on your smartphone, iOS to be precise? Many times we gat pissed off when
someone we are trying to avoid can’t do without calling and not picking the call in the presence of someone (Your hmmmmmm ) may lead to commotion, that’s not the problem anyway and do take note that this tutorial won’t work with an unlocked iOS smartphone and there is no specific option on iPhone where you can block  incoming calls.

I know the question that goes via you mind now is: How possible is that, no option to block incoming calls yet you want to block incoming calls… The end story or question that triggers your heart can be achieved by INSTALLING iOS 7 on your smartphone since the feature is now made on your iOS 7 by Cupertino Company which will basically allow user to block incoming call even when the iOS smartphone is yet to be unlocked.

I believe this is great feature is almost a universal opportunity for iPhone users that hate disturbance while watching movie, using there smartphone as modem while browsing, and many thing to talk about with the usefulness of this iOS 7 features. Try it out and you will be convince…

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  1. AryanAagrwal says:

    Interesting blog. Actually google made searching of information easy on any topic. Well keep it up and post more interesting blogs.


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