How to change blog post font size without CSS

Without much words, I will show you how I change my blog post font from default to my desire font-size. Before I show you this let me quickly tell you my experience about my blog post font-size. Ethically and health-wise, it is not advisable to use small blog post font and this really give me a headache about my blog readers because when I changed my blog template to the present one it was not so funny that the font-size was so small that I myself don’t
like it but what can I do when I can’t help myself.


I discovered when am previewing any of my article before publishing it to my blog it was nothing to write about; I neither cried nor weep because my eyeball pains me a-lot to the extent that before I know what the matter is, I have started crying without anybody scolding me nor beating and this was what prompted me to further my research on how to make some changes on the font-size with making use of CSS since I don’t understand CSS coding.

And I started searching the internet most especially Google search but to my surprised all my researched was to no avail but glory be to God I finally came across a blog that talks about adding CSS to blog template to effect the blog post font-size but I had shallow knowledge of CSS, as a matter of fact am still learning HTML, but at times when you don’t make use of what is available what is not available will not be made available.


I tried many bloggers group on Facebook but the answer did not come not to talk of coming on time and I now I decided to do things the way I think it should be done and finally I was able to change my blog font-size from smaller to my desire font-size. Isn’t that great and a very good Job?


To be able to change the font of your blog post without using CSS coding, follow the steps below.

Step 1: Login to your blogger dashborad and click on edit template HTML via blog template

Step 2: Press control F and search for font-size:

Step 3: Change the font size number from 12 to 15 and the click save template.

Step 4: Refresh your blog and see your new blog font size.

FINAL WORD: Increasing your blog font from small to normal will definitely encourage readers to spend more time on you blog reading your article since the font-size is okay and not too small for the eyes to see and read.

NOTE:: Back-up your template before any alteration

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