2 Indoor Games That Makes You Smarter Than The Smartest

By | October 11, 2014

When talking about indoor games, definitely it’s the best way to stay away from being a town boy and recommended games for parent to control their children play time and as well on the verge of watching TV and video all day long. The recent level of technology in the recent world has gone beyond what were happening in the late 1980’s and 1990’s. Indoor games were not only made for kids and or adolescence but Adult as well to boost their reason faculty and to have leisure time as well.

The world is growing bigger and bigger everyday but despite this, people found it very difficult to open their eyes widely on which games will be of great benefits for them and impactful for them yet purposely yet unknown, rather we misconceive social games for indoor games. 70% of the world populace today spend time watching series of games without thinking of what becomes of indoor games; games such as Football, Rugby and the like.

I classified all these games as social games which may not end up being the best game to increase your reasoning faculty and as well place a parental control on a growing kid or a measuring guide to control how your children play around.

 Naturally, what you love doing most ends up being your hobby; so also are kids/adolescence even the adult ones. Playing indoor games will not only makes you smart but smarter and place expert look on you and/or your kids.

Although there are countless number of Games but most of them are for kids some of which are; Pencil-and-paper games, Building, Magical Mama, Card games, Freeze, Board and family games, Paper-bag skits, Indoor hopscotch, Marshmallow Tinkertoys, Family-Photo Bingo, Sugar-Cookie Pizzas, Grandparent Greetings, Signature Storytelling, Cozy Critters, Disco Down, Bowl-a-rama etc.

All these indoor games are for kids, but indoor games does not ends up to that level but as an adult, there are few indoor games you can’t afford to miss out which will be discuss here in this post;


To be candid, if you have not played scrabble for once you are really missing something great, which is the best way to boost your vocabulary level, getting to know new dictionary words and meaning, time to make different kinds of dictionaries your best friend as long as you found playing scrabble a worthwhile, and time to know what a scrabble dictionary entails.

Just like kindergarten pupils who use a whole season learning two, three, and four letter words; so also is scrabble. The better part of scrabble is understanding the rules, challenge a spelt word and succeed to double your play chance otherwise you will lose your turn.

Scrabble is simply a combination of knowledge such that players can uniquely combined alphabets together to form a new word either new or not but must be valid in the dictionary. Minimum of two and maximum of four contestant play scrabble game, it has no time limit until the tiles on ground got finished. While forming a new word, your scores will be recorded and added together at the end of the game and player with the highest score wins the competition.

While playing scrabble, you must take note of the row-column rule otherwise your tiles placement will make no sense and that will go against the rule of play. Starting from the centre start, you can either place your tiles in row or in column but you cannot places it in both ways.

The exciting part of the game is that one can always outsmart his opponent by targeting the double word score spot or triple letter score spot and the like and by making use of the empty tile to replace a most needed alphabet. At the beginning of the game, you have default total number of 100 tiles with alphabets letters inscribed on it and it will be strictly kept in the tiles sack/bag or place all tiles face down but preferably, gathering them into the tiles bag and as a player; you are entitled to a rack where you can place your tiles and hide it away from your opponent and for easy formation of words.

In the game; either two player or more; to decide who start first each player are to pick one tile each and player with the first alphabet e.g. A, B, C etc. will start first and other follows accordingly or after the first player, all other player will return their tiles and rerun the tiles raffle draw again until the last person is known meanwhile, after the selection of the first player; such a player will have to return the tile. And to kick the game starting, each player pick 7 tiles starting with the first player and the game continues with the formation of words on turn basis.


Chess is a board game for two players. It is played on a square board, made of 64 smaller squares, with eight squares on each side. Each player starts with sixteen pieces: eight pawns, two knights, two bishops, two rooks, one queen and one king. And the sole goal of a chess game is to find a way following the playing rule to checkmate the other king; it simply means to capture the other king strictly so that all escape routes has been blocked.

Unlike scrabble where players will own their rack with tiles placed on it but here the game-board is laid out in a way that each player has white colour square in the bottom right hand side, and following the bottom arrangement, the piece of chess will then be arrange in the same manner each time and the row after is fill with pawns while the rook goes to the corner and next to it is the knights, follow by the bishops and after that, there comes the queen with a unique colour (matching colour) i.e. white queen on white and black queen on black respectively and the  remaining square is for the kings.

Playing chess game need a strictly and careful move otherwise your king will be captured. While playing, the player with white piece start first in which the player to have the white piece can be chosen using raffle draw or tossing of a coin in that wise. The tip is that, white move first, followed by black and in that wise until the end.

There are more to learn if you really want to be a chronic chess player and it’s indeed worth it, most especially if you have the mind of becoming a politician, you really need to understand the concept of chess as a game to survive in the midst of the torn otherwise you may have a lot to learn in the system.

There are other indoor games like draughts ludo, Macala, four in a role etc. but Scrabble and Chess are my favourite indoor games.

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2 thoughts on “2 Indoor Games That Makes You Smarter Than The Smartest

  1. Hello Ade,

    Of these games, Chess is my favorite. I particularly love the two mentioned here because not only do they boost IQ, they also help the players develop strategy – and a knack for very smart thinking.

    If you added draught to the list, I would have deemed the list complete. What do you think?

    Akaahan Terungwa recently posted…

    1. Adetechblog Post author

      Sure bro, I do know of draught but have little playing knowledge so that was why I chose not to include it but might do that in the next update or what do you think?


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